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Best travel products or systems: Multimac The Road...

Best travel products or systems: Multimac The Road Coat®


Multimac is a manufacturer of 3-seater and 4-seater car seats and in September 2021, they are launching the Road Coat®: a unique jacket that children can wear in their car seats without any safety issues. Multimac signed the deal to become the first UK selling agent of One Kid Road Coats® in June 2021. The deal between Birmingham-based Multimac and American outwear company One Kid is announced amid growing pressure for car seat manufacturers to tackle the issue of child car safety. From Birmingham, UK, Multimac sells car seats that are despatched all around the world. As a father to four children himself, Founder & CEO Kevin Macliver designed the Multimac so that he could still drive his regular car with all the family without any compromise to their safety.

The Road Coat® is a warm winter jacket for children that can be safely worn in car seats. A unique shoulder gate design allows the harness to feed through the coat and sit flush with the child thus maintaining the integrity of the car seat and avoiding any dangerous gaps. The Road Coat® has been fully crash-tested by an independent crash test lab and reviewed by a renowned expert in the field of child passenger safety. The Road Coat® features a thin front inner layer that eliminates the puffy outer layer from being between the car seat harness and your child. This allows the harness to lay flat and snug against the chest, as recommended by car safety authorities. A unique split collar construction allows the harness straps to pass to the front & lay flat on the shoulders, providing comfort and safer travel for children in car seat or booster seat. The outer layer of the coat can then be zipped up over the harness. It’s the perfect answer to keeping the child warm and safe. The Road Coat® is available in all child sizes from 6 months to ten years and will be available to buy from the Multimac website, along with their full product range of car seats and accessories, from September 2021 winter.

As Manufacturers of the safest car seat in the world, Multimac are serious about child car seat safety. Tragically, there are over 13,000* child casualties on the road every year, many of which are caused by ill-fitting car seat harnesses. A child’s safety is compromised every time a parent puts a child into a car seat while wearing a winter jacket and yet no-one has tackled this issue until now. The danger is created by bulky jackets effectively creating a ‘gap’ between the child and the harness. When a road traffic accident occurs, the impact squashes the jacket down thus creating a gap and can cause the child to be thrust from the car seat. During their investigations into designing a safe road coat, Multimac discovered that a company called One kid produce a ‘Roadcoat’ in the USA but hadn’t previously marketed them in the UK. Multimac have now arranged to be their UK agent and from September, will be able to offer customers the full solution in car seat safety: the safest car seat in the world together with the safest road coat. *SOURCE: Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2019 annual report published 30/09/20.

Reported road casualties annual report 2019.pdf

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FEATURES FOR CHILDREN No need to take your coat off when getting into the car in Winter. No cold seatbelt or harness against your body when getting into the cold. The jacket has a clever design with a nice little waistcoat inside. It is very comfortable to wear and has a stylish design. Suitable from 6 months of age. FEATURES FOR PARENTS Safest car seat coat in the world. No hassle getting children in the car as they can safely keep their Road Coat® on in the car. Peace of mind that the children are safe, and warm. PRODUCT BENEFITS: • A completely new concept in child car seat safety, The Road Coat® is a unique jacket which is only available in the UK from Multimac. • THE ROAD COAT is the safest, warmest and easiest car seat coat in the world. • No fussing or undressing when travelling. • Warm up to -31 Fahrenheit/ – 35 Celsius. • Light, compact and comfortable for all wearers.

BUSINESS CONTACT DETAILS: Unit 11 Octagon Business Park, Miller Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 4NF

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