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Books for July


Baby yoga from Britain’s best-loved DJ, how to pick the right pup and more heartwarming books for July

Words Georgia McVeigh

Bendy Babies


Yoga Babies by Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is well known for her Radio 1 slot, but of late she’s taken a step back from the public eye and focussed instead on mental health. Her new Yoga Babies book is a great and fun way for both mamas and babies  to unwind after a long day. £6.99;

Penguin Random House

Platypus Party


This Zoo Is Not For You By Ross Collins

None of the animals want poor Platypus to join their zoo – he’s too bland for the chameleons, and not graceful enough for the flamingos. But he really came to the zoo to leave behind an invitation to a party on his “platybus”… £11.99

Nosy Crow

Colour Centric


The Big Book of Blue By Yuval Zommer

The world of fish just got even more fantastical. Yuval Zommer’s chatty book features his quirky illustrations – from shimmery to slippery. Discover the deep blue with fun facts and encounter sea turtles, whales, sharks, rays and seahorses, plus much more. £12.95;


Beach Babes


Pip and Posy By Axel Scheffler

From critically acclaimed artist Axel Scheffler comes the adventures of Pip and Posy, who are having a lovely day at the seaside. While Posy has a nap, Zac comes to play with Pip – but Posy is sad that Pip seems more interested in playing with Zac than her… £6.99;

Nosy Crow

Dog Days


Picking Pickle By Polly Faber, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

Choosing the right pup is a life-changing event, and as the longest-standing resident of the dog home, Pickle is used to seeing his friends leave him behind. Will Hungry Harvey or Dumpling find a home? Perhaps it’s Pickle’s turn!  £11.99

Pavilion Books

Boredom Be Gone


The World of David Walliams: Book of Stuff By David Walliams

Featuring all your favourite characters from David Walliams’ books, this hilariously funny new tome from Walliams has new illustrations, fun facts in his unique style and a whole new comic strip featuring a whole new character, Raj. £9.99;


Bunny Poise


Ballet Bunnies By Lucy Freegard

Betty loves to dance. She can perform beautifully in front of her family, but once she goes to a dance class she loses all her confidence and it seems like she’s not going to be able to do the end-of-term show. Will she be able to find her balance in time? £6.99;

Pavilion Books