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Best books for September

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Practise reading in time for school with an artistic frog, bumbling bees and the return of Miffy


Peter Pan

Peter Pan 

by J.M. Barrie, retold by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

J.M. Barrie’s masterpiece has been retold in many forms. Now, Caryl Hart has taken up the torch with this beautiful story rhyme. Lose yourself in Sarah Warburton’s wonderfully illustrated Neverland as the well-known story is told like never before. £14.99;

Nosy Crow

Art Attack

books for september


by William Bee

Follow the escapades of the greatest artist in the world: Arty the frog, with his agent, Mr Grimaldi. His famous painting is not only the highest in the world, it’s the loudest, the wobbliest, the fastest, the wettest, the hairiest and the scariest. Art can be just about anything! £6.99;

Pavilion Books

Awesome Acrobatics

books for september

Fearless Mirabelle

by Katie Haworth, illustrated by Nila Aye

A story that celebrates difference. Mirabelle and her twin sister Meg have different ambitions: Mirabelle wants to be a famous acrobat like her parents but her sister Meg is scared of heights. Is there anything Mirabelle is scared of? £6.99;


Pile Up

Pile Of Leaves

A Pile of Leaves

by Jason Fulford & Tamara Shopsin

Fantastic and fascinating for pre-readers, this clever collage book features see-through acetate pages to create, quite literally, a pile of leaves. Delve through the layers to discover the creepy crawlies hiding underneath. £12.95;


Bee Happy

books for september

Why Do We Need Bees?

by Katie Daynes

This pretty lift-the-flap book teaches tinies the importance of bees to our ecosystem. Discover where they live, why we need them and the hierarchy system in bee society. With lovely illustrations, this is an introduction to bees in the best way. £9.99;


Big Concept

Dear Granny Bunny

Dear Grandma Bunny

by Dick Bruna

Explaining the concept of death to littles can be tough, but Dean Bruna’s book Dear Grandma Bunny makes it that little bit easier. Relaunching due to popular demand, the new version has been freshly translated by poet Tony Mitton, and provides a whole new view on death. £4.99;

Simon and Schuster

Chair Necessities

books for september

Uncle Oscar’s Chairs

by Magnus Englund

Magnus Englund, co-founder of leading design brand Skandium, is delving into literature with this fun new book that explores the world of designer chairs – all while learning your ABC. Which chair is your favourite? £12.99;