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Brand Focus: City Goats

city goats

City Goats: introducing the eco-friendly brand we love

Like toddlers, modern life seems to move at an ever-increasing speed, and many mamas are wondering how to slow it down a bit. And while what your kids wear won’t make the difference between calm and chaos, your style choices can at least suggest a slower, more mindful pace of living.

Enter, City Goats: a kids’ clothing brand effortlessly balancing street-conscious style with a “slow living” ethos and aesthetic. The brand’s USP – aside from its trend-setting designs – is its unwavering focus on sustainability, which entails using only 100% organic cotton and natural, botanically-derived dyes. This means that both the production process and the clothes themselves are free from toxins inherent in the making of most garments, and are kinder to both kids’ skin and the planet as a result.

The clothes, too, are completely covetable – from ruffled shirt dresses and unisex quilted jackets to cute workwear aprons. The only downside? This stuff sells out almost as soon as it hits stores.

For more information, visit the City Goats website.


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