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Brand Focus: Little Creative Factory

Brand Focus: Little Creative Factory


Little Creative Factory: A Brand we Love

Barcelona-based Little Creative Factory is that rare thing: a clothing brand that appears to be genuinely animated by the forms and phenomena of the outside world – and able to translate that energy into clothes that are at once simple and utterly distinctive.
Too often, brands come up with a collection to which they retrospectively peg inspirations. But Little Creative Factory’s ideas and enthusiasms are stitched into every seam of its products.   
The latest collection, Dancers, offers a playful reimagining of classic dance clothing, from ballet skirts and jazz bodysuits to tap dresses. The links to the source material are self-evident: soft baby hoodies that wouldn’t look out of place in the New York dance milieu of Frances Ha; boxy ballet shirts for boys, cut to almost bolero length in the airiest of cottons; little bodysuits and apron skirts that look like they’ve been snipped out of a Degas. In fact, the painter is an important reference point throughout – there’s a dress named for him, and the entire collection is suffused with the pale, dreamy hues found in his work. The overall effect is of enchantment and fantasy made completely wearable.
It’s a delicate balance, but Little Creative Factory manages it with perfect poise – just as any gifted dancer should.

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