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Cleansing Facial with Lisa Franklin

Cleansing Facial with Lisa Franklin

Lisa Franklin and her 'Clinic Privé' on vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free and recyclable products with no nasty chemicals

I travelled to Lisa Franklin’s Sloane Street ‘Clinic Privé’ for what I thought would be a routine facial. The products sounded promising and embraced the key buzzwords of the last year: vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, recyclable, with no nasty chemicals, but I’m used to hopes outstripping results with such things. I needn’t have doubted. Lisa herself was my appointed facialist and asked about my overall health, instantly disarming me with her passion for her products as well as her in-depth knowledge of the skin.

She tells me how her focused skincare has helped numerous problematic skin types with issues ranging from rosacea to anti-aging. I’m booked in for a skin cleanse including extraction – something I’m advised should be a part of my skincare routine on a monthly basis. I go through my normal routine (very basic) and Lisa assures me that, contrary to my assumptions, there are things you can do to reduce pore size. One of the problems is the preponderance of confusing products on the market, vying for your attention and making unsubstantiated claims – Lisa tells me that if I use products from her range, I’ll see definite results.

It’s no exaggeration to say that after the facial, my skin feels cleaner and healthier than ever before – a feeling that I manage to retain thereafter with the assistance of three of the aforementioned products. I admit, I expected their potency to wear off after a while – this is the story whenever I try a new beauty product. But two months later, my pore size is reduced and, while I’m not blackhead-free (ah, the ultimate dream), my overall complexion is vastly improved – even during hormonal breakouts.


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