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Parent controlled channel has launched

Parent controlled channel has launched has launched has launched as the the first digital TV channel for children
that parents can control has launched

With increasing parent concerns over their child’s viewing habits and the content they are exposed to, it is will come as big news to know there is finally a solution., which launched on June 1st is the first digital TV channel for preschool and key stage 1 children with a 2 hour daily limit of viewing time and 100% British content.

The channel has been developed as a safe and free antidote to the ever increasing Americanisation of British children’s television / digital content and in addition to the automatic switch-off after two hours of continuous viewing, the channel has a strict no advertising policy. will be available online and is not only a viewing portal for original British programming covering fun, education and imagination, but also houses an interactive zone where children can learn crafts, recipes and facts. The whole platform is available to children daily for 2 hours, after which it turns off. is the brain-child of a collaboration between 30-year kid’s TV veteran Producer, Keith Littler (Little Red Tractor, Roman Mysteries, Lazytown, Watership Down, Magic Roundabout) and award-winning entrepreneur Victoria Brook.

Commenting on the launch, Keith Littler, said: “The time is right to offer an alternative to parents and children. We are aware of the issue around screen time, so needed to create a solution which enabled controlled viewing, yet still allows children to watch shows which are fun, educational and that encourage imagination as there is still merit in what they can learn and absorb from the right programming. We have brought this channel to launch without any compromises; the two-hour auto switch-off, 100% original UK content, free access and no advertising to kids are all in place which give us exceptionally strong USP’s that we know will appeal to parents.” has launched has launched

Victoria Brook added: “We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved in bringing to life. As parents with our own sets of children, both Keith and I know what stimulates today’s little people: what excites them, how they like to have fun and how they express their personalities and views from such an early age. Strong programming which genuinely reflects the little things that matter to them, empowers their inquisitive minds and encourages them to embrace adventure will help prepare them for the grown up world.  100% British and 100% genuine is the way.”

In terms of content, the home page focuses on the “Bopnik space station” which is vibrant, engaging and easy for both parents and children to navigate, with bold primary colours and loveable channel anchor – Herbie the Hound.  The home page is underpinned by four zones;

Grown Ups

The Bopstop is the passcode protected area of the channel for parents which offers magazine-driven content from style and fashion tips to high-end motorsport. The portal maximises modern streaming technology to offer vlogs on a wide range of subjects from experts, special offers, comedy clips and ‘How To’ guides. In addition, a wide range of articles and features from people making the news will ensure that The Bopstop hits the spot.

Cool Stuff

This is the children’s activity centre of and will include all kinds of fun information and add-ons which link directly back to the programming to provide further fun for inquisitive little minds.

TV Programmes:  This section of the site will be home to all’s programming and updated on the first day of every month with a new programming schedule, comprising series and episodes.

Space Agent HQ

Only registered Space Agents will be able to access this section, which is the only subscription element of the channel and is optional.  Members will receive advance programming information, special event invites plus regular Bopnik updates with hot channel news.

The programming ethos reflects’s belief of encouraging variety in children’s lives of reading, singing, dance, play, having fun outdoors, sport and eating well.  One of the channel’s key USP’s is the automatic two hours’ auto cut-off ensuring that children gain a good balance of on-screen and off-screen time.

The channel launch schedule includes programming of more than ten series that will provide entertainment for viewers ranging from Little Red Tractor, which is one of Littler’s most recent broadcasting successes and BAFTA-nominated animation series, Billy. New content includes a series called Jolly Jobs which explores interesting jobs from all types of career paths including steam engine drivers, a football club groundsman and famed tennis coach Judy Murray who talks of her passion to encourage more young girls into playing as part of her Miss-Hits training programme. Don’t Like It, Won’t Eat It  – if you don’t try you’ll never know! Chefs and parents tempt our panel of youngsters to eat healthy creations they might otherwise dismiss and there’s only two outcomes:  celebrate the food or detonate it and face the dreaded custard pie and walk of shame. A fun yet brilliant way of promoting healthy living and supports the call from Government to abolish all content surrounding junk food to kids on TV. Flossie the Tooth Fairy graduates from Tooth Fairy School with her first missions, but watch out the penalties for disturbing a sleeping dog or waking a young child really can be quite severe!

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