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Elegant Nursery Inspiration for 2021

Elegant Nursery Inspiration for 2021

Elegant nursery inspirations

Elegant nursery inspirations by Silver Cross

If you’re a mum-to-be, planning a nursery is a wonderful way to prepare for your new arrival. Known as ‘nesting’, the natural instinct to create a beautiful and safe space for your baby is a common part of pregnancy. But how can you design a room that is perfect for your little one yet doesn’t compromise on the style of your home? Here’s some elegant nursery inspirations, plus our top tips for creating the ideal baby nursery.

Choose a colour scheme

Deciding on an initial colour scheme will help you make design decisions and bring your nursery plans together. It’s important that the room not only looks beautiful but also fits in with the rest of your home. Classic, timeless colours such as neutrals and muted shades create a sense of calm while still being baby-friendly. To avoid a flat, dull look, you could use different shades of the same colour, for example multiple shades of blue, to create a cohesive flow throughout the room. Also, stick to white furniture so that everything matches and the room doesn’t feel small or dark.

Get the lighting right

Think about what your nursery will be used for and how the lighting can serve you. Your baby will be doing a lot of feeding and sleeping (hopefully!) in the nursery, so include soft lighting and lamps that you can easily switch on for night-time or dream feeds. Soft lighting also stops your baby’s eyes from being over-stimulated when the room suddenly goes from dark to light. Don’t forget to install black-out blinds to stop natural light coming in and waking your baby during the early mornings or nap time.

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Create an accent

A striking piece of furniture can act as a focal point of the room and is a brilliant way to add visual depth to your nursery. For example, the solid wood Nostalgia Dresser from Silver Cross has a satin white finish and contrasting pewter handles, the ideal statement piece to create a traditional nursery aesthetic. It also doubles up as a changing table, making it practical and beautiful at the same time.

Accessorise wisely

You and your baby will accumulate lots of clothes, toys and gadgets over time, from newborn gifts to play gyms and books. To avoid clutter, don’t over-accessorise. For your storage needs, it’s important to invest in a decent-sized, sturdy wardrobe such as the Silver Cross Nostalgia Wardrobe, which has rails, a shelf and a drawer. Stick to the basic, necessary furniture to leave as much floor space as possible. Instead, walls are a fantastic blank canvas for adding personality to a room, whether it’s with wallpaper, framed prints or shelves.

Make long term choices

Purchasing classic and traditional pieces will ensure that your nursery doesn’t become dated, because no one wants to redecorate with a toddler around! For a dreamy, fairy tale nursery that stands the test of time, consider investing in a well-crafted collection such as the Silver Cross Nostalgia 3-Piece Sleigh Nursery Set. The multi-stage cot-bed grows with your child and is suitable from newborn all the way to approximately fours years old. It’s compatible with all Silver Cross TrueFit™ mattresses, making it a practical choice for each stage of your child’s development