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Review: Micralite FastFold Limited Edition Aqua

Review: Micralite FastFold Limited Edition Aqua

Micralite fastfold

Mama reviews the new Micralite Fastfold Limited Edition Aqua

A heavyweight stroller that’s a lightweight to lift

Never has there been in a time where the importance of a good, weather-proof pushchair has been more paramount. Locked down again in the UK (and rightly so), we have, as a family found ourselves layering up for the weekly walk around our local park and woods. It’s nice to be outside, but with a 1 year old baby, pushing a pushchair through mud-clogged paths whilst navigating puddles, ice and snow has been difficult. Enter the Micralite FastFold. Billed as lightweight and robust, this pushchair can be pushed over anything. With pumped up back tyres the FastFold makes pushing a heavy toddler a breeze.

The pushchair is cozy, it resembles a hammock, and offers two positions: reclined for a nap and upright for a snack. The clever rain cover zips baby in, no soggy snowsuits, feet or fingers here. With a nice big basket you can easily fit essential shopping underneath. The only quibble (as with all pushchairs) is the collapse and fold. You know what I mean. Once you’ve got the knack however, you realise that this is the only pushchair an active family ever needs. And with lockdown restrictions lifting slowly in the UK, we’ll be spending a lot more time outside this year. I only wish they made one for grown ups.

Micralite Fastfold Limited Edition Aqua Features

  • Suitable from 6 months to 22kg
  • Hammock seat
  • A finer liner
  • Protection from the elements
  • Viewing window
  • Dual suspension front wheels
  • All-terrain tyres
  • Car seat compatible

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