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Five plastic free beauty brands

Five plastic free beauty brands

Plastic Free Beauty

Ditch the bathroom bottles for these plastic-free beauty favourites

Plastic free beauty is a huge trend at the moment, and ditching the bottles in your bathroom can really help to you to do your bit for the planet. Here are our top five plastic free beauty favourites right now…

Plastic Free Beauty Herbivore


Clean beauty brand Herbivore are known for their Instagram-friendly branding and use very little plastic in their packaging. Ditch the bottles in favour of their Cleansing Bar, which is made from French pink clay. It is very gentle and is known for drawing out impurities without stripping the skin.

Soap Bar, £10;

Plastic Free Beauty


BYBI’s Babe Balm is contained in a sugarcane tube which is biodegrade at industrial composting facilities. However it is also 100% recyclable, so they recommend giving it another life.  The balm is 100% natural and vegan and can be used to combat dry skin head-to-toe.

Babe Balm, £18;

Plastic Free Beauty Biovene

Biovène Barcelona

Opting for a shampoo bar is a great way to reduce bathroom plastic and one of our favourites has to be this one from Biovène Barcelona. Packed with natural ingredients, including macadamia oil, beeswax, shea butter as well as minerals and essential oils from lemon and lime, it leaves your hair soft and smelling heavenly.

Solid Shampoo, £5.99;

Plastic Free Beauty Ethique


For fresh underams, a solid deoderant is the answer. This one from Ethique doesn’t contain soda or aluminium and is scented with lime, cedarwood and eucalyptus, with jojoba and sweet almond oil to keep skin smooth.

Solid Deodorant, £11;

Plastic Free Beauty Soap Co

Soap Co.

Made out of infinitely recyclable aluminium with a compostable bio-film label,  there’s no need to throw away this bottle from Soap Co.. Their ingredients are natural or eco-certified and vegan, and this eco handwash is enriched with vitamins, natural bee friendly borage and calendula botanicals and softening sugar esters from coconut oil to leave the hands super soft.

Hand wash, £19;

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