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Learning at Home

Learning At Home

Absolutely Mama reports on a free online resource that could help make learning at home during the health crisis a seamless and fun experience...

With schools preparing for possible closure and work-from-home policies already in place in the UK, our thoughts are turning to how to keep little ones entertained (and our sanity intact) during the current health crisis.

Parents are already coming up with innovative solutions and one clever resource we’ve come across is Participate Inc.

Built by a team of creatives, parents and educators, the free social space is designed to engage fellow caregivers in close collaboration with one another and provide resources to make learning at home a seamless and fun experience.

The platform addresses questions such as: How can we have educational discussions about this health crisis with our kids? And also provides lots of fun project-based activities to keep little ones stimulated and entertained (so you don’t have to resort to endless cartoons in order to get some work done).

Learning At Home

The community is housed on Participate’s online platform, allowing any caregiver to hop online daily for creative ideas, light-hearted conversations and various tips and tricks to help you navigate home schooling.

“The goal is to keep kids and their caregivers engaged–helping them avoid social isolation or feelings of boredom in a time when they may be missing friends, creative outlets, or other forms of education and entertainment… now is the time that community matters most and we are elated to invite anyone in the world to join our community and contribute their own ideas.” said CEO Mark Otter.

By tapping into a network of partners and creative brainpower, the Participate team has created a community filled with solutions to minimise the impact on everyone having to stay cooped up at home. Whether it’s keeping the entertainment value high,  kids well-educated, your household in peaceful harmony or a mix of all three, this community could have the support you need.


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