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Flex Appeal: Why you should consider an after-scho...

Flex Appeal: Why you should consider an after-school nanny


Absolutely Mama talks about how an after-school nanny can take away the stress of childcare

Words by Rachel Carrell of Koru Kids

While the recent announcement of primary school places will be a relief to some parents, for others it will introduce a whole new set of unwanted problems. If your child’s school place is further away than you hoped, trying to make the school run fit into an already packed schedule can be an unexpected headache. For parents in London, the answer could be an after-school nanny. Rachel Carrell, the founder of innovative childcare startup Koru Kids, has five insider tips on what to look for in an after-school nanny.

Make sure the after school nanny is local to you and the school

By finding a nanny perfectly placed in your area, you can rely on them for school pickup and local activities. Here at Koru Kids, our after-school nannies are never more than half an hour from your child’s school and home, meaning they will always be at the gates to collect your little ones on the dot.

Find out about their interests and passions outside of work

It’s important to get to know what a nanny does in their spare time; it can open your child’s world to a completely new skillset or talent. Koru Kids’ carefully vetted nannies are often made up of current university students or older parents who have often already raised their own family. Children looked after by our nannies have learned art skills, guitar, sports and even mastering a second language!

Let home time be restful

The school day, after-school clubs and longer commutes can be exhausting for kids. By allowing them to head home straight after school, you can reduce the exhaustion they face. Rather than set a planned activity each evening, allow an after-school nanny and your kid to structure their own time and vary activities depending on how they feel.


Make sure they are comfortable with all aspects of after-school care

Feel comfortable being clear with your after-school nanny about what your priorities for after school are, whether that is focusing on play and activities, making dinner or helping with homework. Armed with cookbooks full of healthy snacks and dinner options and often bringing a scholarly approach to homework time, a Koru Kids after-school nanny can free up your own evening, letting you have quality time with your children when you arrive home.

Use the flexibility that having a nanny for only after-school provides

Work isn’t always the traditional nine to five and finding childcare that matches the modern family can be a struggle. Let your nanny know your schedule, hours and times so you can be sure it is the perfect fit for both of you. Our families let us know which after-school days are non-negotiable and we make sure we match them with a nanny who can work their schedule exactly. • @korukids_london

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