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Get Baby-Ready | Gender Neutral Stylish Products

Get Baby-Ready | Gender Neutral Stylish Products

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Buying gender-neutral products in preparing for your baby's arrival is proving to be increasingly popular. Here's how to make it work for you.

While a gender-neutral and pared-back palette is in fashion, it has taken longer for baby gear to catch up. There are a number of reasons not to buy with a child’s gender in mind, not least because many parents decide to leave it a surprise. If you invest in stylish products in neutral tones, your home will still feel like your home when your baby arrives.


Your baby won’t be joining you for family meals immediately but, when they are ready, you’ll want to be ready too. That means buying a highchair. There are various options, from clip-ons to standalones, from foldable high chairs to those with trays. Read on to learn what to look for.

Safety first

It’s vital that you make sure your baby is safe and comfortable in their chair. Weaning is a time for experimenting, those first interactions with food are full of joy and wonder, so to make the process that much easier, find a highchair which promises comfort no matter the size of your baby. Some models are only suitable for babies who are at least six months old, and some models are specifically for younger babies. Save yourself the hassle and cost of buying twice, and instead buy a highchair which can be used from the moment your baby is ready to eat (usually when they can sit up without support), all the way until they’re ready to use an ordinary chair. The zaaz by Nuna grows with your child, which means whenever your baby is ready to eat solid foods, so is the chair ready to hold them.


Another handy feature to look out for is the not-so-glamorous aspect of ‘wipeability’. New parents can underestimate the extent of the mess caused by babies learning how to eat. Ensure the highchair you invest in is easy to clean, because you’ll be doing so regularly. Some models, like the zaaz by Nuna offer removable parts which you can pop in the dishwasher. What’s more, the zaaz by Nuna has been designed to make it almost impossible for crumbs to get in hard-to-reach spaces. Win-win.

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Bouncing chairs & rockers

The world of bouncing chairs and rockers can feel a little alien to first-timers. It’s not too complicated. These clever chairs simply mimic the rocking motion your baby feels when you hold them in your arms. They can be a real lifeline and make getting your baby to nod off that much more easily. Plus, they’re a safe place to put your baby down so you can face them to play.

Like with highchairs, there are many on the market. Some have electrical parts while some rely on gravity, but we love the leaf grow by Nuna because there are no motors involved which means no batteries or noise. Still, due to its clever design your baby can rock for more than two minutes from just a gentle push – that means you have time to put the kettle on, answer the door or even pop to the bathroom while maintaining a happy baby. The leaf grow by Nuna has three incline settings so when it’s time to eat or play, it easily locks in a stationary position – so lunch won’t end up on the carpet. What’s more, Nuna products boast stylish, gender-neutral colours and a refined design. There’s an array of greys for you to choose from which means your bouncing baby will be the centre of attention rather than the chair they sit in. Plus, the chair can hold up to 60kg so you won’t have to buy another one for a growing baby or older children.

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Somewhat surprisingly, lots of new parents decide to make the most of their partial incapacitation by travelling when their baby is still small. There’s a sweet spot between about three and six months where your child’s immune system is more robust than that of a brand-new born, and they’re not yet crawling around. At this stage, travel is totally achievable.


Top of the list for travel gear is a travel cot. Look for one which folds easily and comes with a travel bag like the sena aire by Nuna – this model also comes with an organic cotton sheet. It’s as stylish as the other products offered by Nuna, with such a sleek design you might just want to use it as your main cot. When you’re on the move, you’ll want to bring a monitor, as well as enough nappies and wipes to safely get you to your destination. The temptation is to bring enough to last your entire trip, but it’s rare that you’ll find yourself unable to purchase nappies and wipes on arrival. Don’t forget to bring clothes for any weather eventuality and a couple of essential cuddly toys. Finally, importantly, enjoy yourself during the very special early moments in your baby’s life.

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