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Going Toxin-free: Top Tips


Marie Lavabre and Sophie Lavabre-Barrow, the mother-and-daughter team behind Kinn Living share their five tips on how to achieve a toxin-free home

1. Use eco-friendly green cleaning products that are open and transparent about the ingredients they use; you don’t need for a product to have been dyed hot pink to know that it works. You should be as careful about the products you use in your home as the ones you use in your beauty regime. That’s why we offer skincare and eco-friendly home cleaning products with the same level of organic certification.

2. Avoid artificial scents (whether in candles, room diffusers or the artificial scent of a cleaning product). Instead, try to buy an organic and essential oil equivalent, and cleaning products that use organic and pure essential oils. Once you have smelled real essential oils and all the varieties and subtle difference between them, you won’t be able to go back to the fake stuff!

3. Open your windows. We know this is obvious, but allowing fresh air to circulate will help keep your home feeling and smelling fresh. Studies show that our homes can be five times more toxic than the air outside and we are creating these toxic environments simply because of the household products we use every day.


4. Introduce indoor plants. These are great at helping to remove some of the 900 polluting chemical toxins found in the air of our own homes – so the more the merrier! By introducing house plants you can start to remove these harmful compounds from indoor air as the plants absorb harmful gases through their leaves and roots.

5. Ditch the pesticides and GMOs! Try swapping your food for organic equivalents and cooking from fresh ingredients. You’ll not only enjoy a much better quality of life, you’ll also be helping the wider environment by not supporting harsh, chemical-pesticide-heavy farms and all the environmental side effects that go with them.

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