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Graphic Detail: An interview with Kayleigh Carter ...

Graphic Detail: An interview with Kayleigh Carter of A Weathered Penny


Kayleigh Carter of A Weathered Penny on the art of fine things

Interview Helen Baron

Absolutely Mama: How did you get into jewellery designing? Did you come from an artistic background?

Kayleigh Carter: I’ve always had a real interest in fashion, style and design and have a background in lots of different areas within fashion, but jewellery design was totally a self-taught hobby which I eventually turned into my full-time job. A Mini Penny was born about a year after A Weathered Penny, when I created a necklace for my niece as a birthday gift. My sister loved it so much, she pushed me to create more. With her help, I connected with lots of lovely parents on social media and things began to go pretty crazy. I’ve now taken the collection across the world through trade shows and the help of some awesome stockists, which has been amazing.

AM: Where do you get inspiration for new designs?

KC: Architecture and textures are a massive influence with my adult lines but with the kids line I get to have my real fun! I always look to make necklaces around the not-so-obvious animals and in unusual or unobvious colours. Because I make them in porcelain, it’s something really different to offer children – something they can keep and treasure. Though to be honest, children aren’t the only ones who wear A Mini Penny! I love seeing mums wearing the necklaces too.


AM: What do you love most about running your own company?

KC: I love being able to manage my own time and be my own person. Working for yourself is not a nine-to-five job and you can find yourself working almost all the time. But when you love it, it’s not work.

AM: How have you found the business and marketing side of things?

KC: A Weathered Penny has really grown with the help of social media. We don’t have loads of money for lavish marketing campaigns but I’m surrounded by creative people who help me out all the time.

AM: Will there be any new designs in time for Christmas?

KC: We’ve just launched our latest collections for both ranges of A Weathered Penny, while for A Mini Penny we’ve not only added six new styles to our main collection, we also have a totally new line of ‘miniature necklaces’ which are heartbreakingly cute. The deer and the swan are two of my favourites – they’re great gifts and even make a great alternative gift for boys.



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