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The best colourful and sustainable clothing for ba...

The best colourful and sustainable clothing for babies


Colourful and sustainable clothing for babies is having a moment right now, here’s why…

Isn’t it quite funny to think back to a time when you’d go shopping for baby clothes and be met with rails and rails of pastel pink and blue? The gender-neutral choice was, of course, traditional white. Or if you were feeling slightly more out-there you could opt for pale baby chick yellow or mint green.

Thankfully, there’s a lot more choice when it comes to baby clothes these days. Social media has helped to launch millions of brilliant indie mum-run businesses and connect us to brands from all over the world.

A trend you’ve probably seen all over your feed is muted tones – dusky pinks, terracottas, olive and sage, and earthy browns. Inspired by our love of all things Scandi, colours close to nature are said to be calming for little ones. However, there’s been a bit of backlash recently against what has become known as the “sad beige” mum movement.

Although it’s all mostly in good humour, the debate about “boring” hues for babies does raise important questions about the role of colour in babies’ development. According to experts, stimulating colours and patterns are just as important as calming tones for babies’ cognitive and visual development. Rainbow brights are also cute, playful, and fun, right? 

Whatever colour camp you’re in, one thing we can all agree on is that sustainable baby clothing is better for the planet, and little ones’ delicate skin. Coming out top in the recent Absolutely Mama Awards category for ‘Best Children’s Fashion Brand’, Blade & Rose is one of our favourites for joyful, colourful, and sustainable baby clothing.

The homegrown British brand was launched by husband and wife team Amanda and Jon Peffer in 2010. If the name sounds familiar, you might have come across their eye-catching baby leggings before. Blade & Rose make some of the best colourful and sustainable clothing for babies. Read on to find out more about the brand and their upcoming collections.

Highland Cow
Highland Cow

Playful colours, motifs, and patterns

The name Blade & Rose was inspired by the middle names of Amanda and Jon’s children – Harvey Blade and Issey Rose. Whilst on maternity leave with her daughter, Amanda couldn’t find any colourful and playful baby leggings to dress her in. Her nappy was always on show as she was crawling around – so Amanda came up with the clever idea of creating her own leggings with unique and fun characters on the bottom.

The much-loved leggings form the core of the Blade & Rose collection – which also includes everything from matching tops, to socks, playful rompers, splash suits, coats, hoodies, and accessories. Every piece features a cute and colourful character or motif, inspired by childhood favourites such as woodland bears, farmyard chickens, and space rockets.

Standout new season designs include Bonnie the Highland Cow, with her tongue sticking out. ‘Bonnie’ the cheeky Highland Cow won’t fail to make little ones smile and is a much requested design to compliment the bestselling original Highland Cow Collection. We’re also excited to see that Blade & Rose will also be launching a Paddington™ Bear collection this season. Tying in with the 65th anniversary of the iconic British character, the capsule collection will include leggings, a top, and socks.

Autumn Leaf

Eco friendly and quality fabrics

All of Blade & Rose’s sustainable kid’s pieces are made with high-quality fabrics that are durable, functional, and wash well. The brand uses fabrics that have the all-important Oeko Tex 100 certification, so you can be sure that they are safe for babies and children and no harmful chemicals or substances have been used.

Certified organic Oeko Tex 100 fabrics are kind to both the planet and also gentle on little ones’ delicate skin. Blade & Rose‘s pieces are also super soft and comfortable for little ones to wear.

The brand has a long standing relationship with the factories that make their pieces. Their main supplier is a family business, and the brand expects all of their factories to respect the well-being of their employees. They also only work with factories that are certified with BSCI certificates.

Peter Rabbit Navy

Made with little ones in mind

One of the reasons Blade & Rose scored so highly with the Absolutely Mama Awards judges is that their kids’ clothing is made with active little ones in mind. Perfect for playtime, little ones can crawl, roll, and toddle in comfort in all of Blade & Rose‘s pieces.

Little ones will also really enjoy wearing the vibrant and fun designs. We love the huge array of friendly characters to choose from – whether you’ve got a dinosaur-mad kid, or your family love the nostalgic and very British Peter Rabbit Collection. There really is something to please everyone.

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