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Insta-Mama: New York based fashion blogger and mam...

Insta-Mama: New York based fashion blogger and mama of two Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang

Absolutely Mama talks to Insta Mama and fashion blogger Jessica Wang

Q. How did you get into fashion blogging and what do you love most about it?

A. Fashion blogging happened spontaneously as I started my blog while I was working in investment banking. I realized quickly that corporate wasn’t my calling. The blog was really an outlet to express myself at first, then through it, I found my voice and style. Having the blog changed me – it made me more confident and gave me a sense of purpose.

Little did I know that it would become a platform for modern women who want to escape the bustling city life of NYC. I love that it’s now a community of like-minded women who appreciate fashion, beauty, travel and more.

Q. You have a huge following on Instagram. What do you like and dislike about the platform?

A. You are expected to be on 24/7. It’s a never-ending cycle of producing content, posting content, engaging with your followers, and brainstorming new content. It’s exhausting at times, but the funny thing is that what I dislike tends to become the thing that inspires and pushes me to constantly evolve and surpass myself.

Q. Did your style change when you became a mother?

A. My style has always been ever-evolving. I don’t know if becoming a mother has changed my fashion sense, but it has definitely made me more confident.

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Jessica Wang

Q. How do you dress your daughters and what’s your approach to their style?

A. I think it’s so important to let kids experiment with pieces that interest them and outfits they want to wear even though it can get a little crazy at times. We love playing dress up and taking photos, and I’ll let them pick their outfits for the most part. If we’re headed somewhere that requires them to look more pulled together, I’ll step in and make changes as needed. Comfort is always a priority though.

Q.What’s it like raising a family in New York?

A. Family life in the city has its challenges for sure from the crowds to the cost to the traffic and more. However, we appreciate how culturally diverse it is and that there are so many activities for the girls to experience. In the long run, I believe it’ll teach them a lot about communication, independence and perseverance.

Q. What are your favourite spots to hang out as a family?

A. We love outdoor activities in the summer – like going to the beach and water parks, but in the winter, we go to the movies, bowling, and indoor trampoline parks. We also travel 3-5 times a year as a family and love Mexico and the Caribbeans. Both are a short plane ride away and we get to enjoy, relax, and get away from the busy city life.

Q. And finally, best and worst things about motherhood?

A. The best part is the unconditional love and being able to watch the girls grow. As for the worst – it’s impossible to keep the house clean and organized. And some alone time in the bathroom would be nice!