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Tried and Tested: Cybex Gazelle S Review

Tried and Tested: Cybex Gazelle S Review

Cybex Gazelle S Review

Cybex Gazelle S review: road tested by Mimi Newberry

For environmental and economical reasons, when we buy a new item for our baby one of the questions we always ask is: will it grow with our family? We’ve noticed a lot of parents are starting to think like this, especially when investing in the bigger items – like prams or nursery furniture. If like us you’re planning to have a second baby in the near future, a little forward planning when you choose a stroller could save you having to upgrade later on.

Offering a solution to this problem is the new CYBEX GAZELLE S. Suitable from birth up until 4 years, it can be changed from a mono to a sibling (or twin) pushchair by adding the CLOUD Z i-Size car seat, a second seat unit or the Gazelle Cot.


The GAZELLE S was very easy to assemble. It came fitted with the seat, and we just had to slot the wheels on. What we were most excited to try were all the different configurations (23 to be exact!). The GAZELLE S has a simple ‘plug-and-play’ system, using integrated adaptors that slide up and down the frame, so you can easily add on an extra seat or the bassinet. You only need separate adaptors when you’re slotting on the CLOUD Z i-Size car seat. We found it simple to swap in and out the different components.


We chose the ‘Deep Black’ colourway and were impressed with how stylish it looked. The chassis felt sturdy and the wheels and suspension made it easy to steer on different terrains. The seat can be used in lie-flat mode from birth, so you don’t have to buy the bassinet if you would prefer not to. We did try the Gazelle Cot and we loved how luxurious it felt. Our little one was well tucked up on the comfy mattress and there was plenty of space. The seat was also comfy for our niece, who road tested it for us. She had the most space with the car seat on the top, or if she was at the top and the bassinet was at the bottom, but we preferred our baby to be positioned closer to us.


The downside of any sibling stroller is that it won’t be as nippy as a mono. The GAZELLE S does feel a little bulky in sibling mode with the cot and the seat attached. However as everything is stacked on top of each other it is much better than some of the side-by-side models. We found that we could still get into cafes and through the tube gates. We really loved the storage capacity as the GAZELLE S has a generous basket underneath and it also comes with a large shopping basket that you can attach in mono mode. In mono mode, The GAZELLE S also folds down so small that you could fit it into the boot of a Fiat 500.


We’d really recommend the GAZELLE S to other parents. It’s a great option for anyone with a toddler who is expecting as you can use it as a mono before the baby arrives and then convert it to a sibling. It also has longevity as your toddler grows and doesn’t want to sit in the stroller as much. For little ones who like to walk some of the way, you can use it with the anti slip board – which also allows you to carry three children if you need to. Great design, endless options for configuration and stylish too.

From £549.95

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