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Interview: Ferne McCann

Fearne Mccann

Absolutely Mama meets model, presenter and mama-of-two Fearne McCann to talk motherhood, mental health, and sustainability…

Hi Ferne, lovely to speak to you and congratulations on the arrival of Finty last year. How has the transition to becoming a mama-of-two been? Do you feel like you’re getting into your stride now that Finty is 8 months old? 

It’s just double the carnage! No, it’s great fun, our house and lives are always busy and buzzing with people. Sunday has her own life and is off at school for big chunks of time which means I have had real 1-2-1 time with Finty and we have bonded beautifully and we have got our little routine. I can’t believe Finty is 8 months old already, she is crawling now and really finding her voice which is just so cute, I love watching her personality develop.  

You’ve spoken a lot about motherhood and mental health. What’s it been like sharing your motherhood journey in the public eye? 

There are good days and bad days I would say. Ultimately I chose to be in the public eye and I can’t be my true self if I was trying to hide my motherhood journey as the girls are such a huge part of my life. I love how much people love watching the girls grow and are invested in them. I will often get people asking after them in my DM’s if one of them has been unwell or there is a milestone moment and that is so nice. I also like to embrace the mum community online as they give really good advice and tips. I have a mental health toolkit and practise things like breath work, meditation, journalling. These help to keep my mental health in check.

You were a single mama with Sunday and you’ve spoken about that being a tough time. Do you think it made your mama-and-daughter bond stronger and what has changed since then?

100%. My relationship with Sunday and the bond we have is so strong. For a while, it was us against the world. Don’t get me wrong we had our village around us but at the end of the day it was me and Sunday in our little flat and we had so much time together bonding. I feel so protective of Sunday, in a different way to the relationship I have with Finty. I think some of it is her being my first and some of it is from it being a single parent.  

Fearne McCann

You’ve partnered with eco-conscious baby brand Mum & You. How important is sustainability to you at home? 

I have always been trying to do my bit for the planet and to try and be sustainable. I have always been into recycling and over the years have made small swaps in what products we use around the house to make sure we are making sustainable choices so partnering up with Mum & You was a no-brainer, they are already aligned with everything that is important to me. I love that the brand and products are run and designed by a small team of mums. Being a mum you know exactly what other mums need so it feels more personal.

How do you juggle your busy work life with being a mama-of-two? 

I have a village! Life is busy but our house is the hub of activity, it is a very busy household and we have a team around us which helps no end. Momma Gill is a total lifesaver and is often on hand when we need her. Work is about being as productive as possible while the baby naps and Sunday is at school, to do lists have become my best friend and I am just trying my best to be a little more organised and less procrastinating!

Being a mama-of-girls, would you want them to go down the same career path as you? How do you approach raising them to be confident and happy? 

I really want my girls to find their own path and explore their own interests and hobbies, if that meant one of them wanted to be on a reality TV show I would support them but I would cross that bridge when it came to it. I think having children makes you realise how individual we all are. Sunday is not that keen about being in front of the cameras, she loves gymnastics and is very sporty. 

And finally, do you have any eco parenting tips to share with our readers?

The quickest and easiest way would be to start using Mum and You products. After Finty having her poonarmi on Holly Willoughby live on TV I knew I needed to find a brand that worked for her and our sustainable goals. Honestly, their nappies are the softest I have ever tried.

Reuse gift bags for birthdays and Christmas.
Book swap with some of Sunday’s friends.
I kept some of Sunday’s old clothes and bits to use for Finty.
Making my own food for Finty and making full use of your freezer – we have no food waste in the house.