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The newborn baby essentials we’d buy again

The newborn baby essentials we’d buy again

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Preparing for a new baby is an exciting (and expensive!) time. Those late night scrolling sessions would have you believe that you need every gadget under the sun for your new arrival. However, the truth is there’s so many things we wouldn’t invest in if we had another baby. Before you click ‘add to basket’, here’s our list of newborn baby essentials we’d buy again (and the things we wouldn’t!).

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For the nursery

Your little one will need somewhere to sleep, so one of the first things on the checklist is usually a bassinet, crib, or Moses basket. However, they will only sleep in this for the first six months, so we’d recommend either renting or borrowing this, or purchasing something you’ll get maximum use out of. A crib that can be easily moved from room to room is a good investment so that you can use it for daytime naps too.

A travel cot is also a really useful purchase, for overnight stays at the grandparents’, or holidays. The Nuna SENA aire opens in seconds, provides 360° ventilation, and can be used from birth up to 15kg. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of sleep, you might have read that newborns settle more easily with white noise as it mimics the sound of the womb. White noise machines work really well, but we wouldn’t buy one that plays white noise alone. There’s a few great baby monitors on the market that play white noise, lullabies, and also double up as a nightlight.

As babies sleep in the same room as you for at least the first six months, a baby monitor isn’t really essential at first. One of our favourite mum-hacks is to play white noise on your iPhone using ‘Background Sounds’ until then.

A changing station is also something a lot of first-time parents purchase for the nursery. Something to note is that once your little one starts to roll (at around 3-4 months), you might start to feel more comfortable changing them on the floor. If you’d still really like to get one, then we’d recommend looking for a changing table insert that integrates into a chest of drawers. You can then take it off once you’re past the baby changing stage.

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Travel equipment

One of the most important purchases to get right is your stroller. We’ve had mum-to-be friends who have questioned whether you need one at all. Even if you plan to do a lot of baby-wearing, a stroller is the perfect place for your little one to nap on-the-go. You’ll also be thankful for a place to stash your changing bag, and trust us you’ll need it even more as you go into toddlerhood!

To make sure you get this big purchase right from the get-go, start by thinking about your lifestyle. If you live in the city (or travel a lot), then a compact and lightweight stroller is a must. One of our favourites is the Nuna TRIV™ next. The clever design gives you a lot of the features of a bigger all-terrain pushchair, in a streamlined package.

Super lightweight, it folds up quickly with one hand and stands on its own. It easily converts to a travel system, and can be used as a pram with the LYTL Carry Cot. The all-wheel suspension also makes it a super comfy ride for your little one.

If you live in a greener environment where you’ll be going off road, then go for an all-terrain stroller. We love the Nuna MIXX™ next as it has rear-wheel Free Flex suspension™ and front wheel progressive suspension technology. The MIXX next Carry Cot is perfect for napping on the go, with a soft cosy mattress, and a Dream drape™ canopy. When your little one is old enough to sit up, the all-season seat will keep little ones comfy and cosy year-round. The MIXX next also has the benefit of a compact fold-away axel™ giving you the best of both worlds.

A car seat is another big purchase. You’ll definitely need one of these (even if you don’t drive) for taking your little one home from the hospital. If you live in the city without a car, it’s also handy to have one for taxi rides. For best value, we recommend getting a car seat as part of a travel system bundle with your stroller. Nuna offers this option for both the TRIV™next and MIXX™ next. The Nuna PIPA urbn is an innovative baseless car seat with an integrated ISOFIX. This is perfect if you’ll be hopping in and out of taxis, or riding in grandparents’ cars, as you won’t need to install a base every time. The Nuna ARRA next can be used with the rotating BASE next, which makes getting your newborn in and out of the car really easy. Both the PIPA next and the ARRA next are compatible with the MIXX™ next and TRIV™next strollers. 

Lastly, a baby carrier will give you more flexibility whilst you’re on the go and is great for baby-and-parent bonding. The Nuna CUDL™ clik 4-in-1 ergonomic baby carrier is super comfortable for both baby and parent. The genius magnetic buckles mean that it couldn’t be easier to get baby in and out too. 

Baby feeding essentials

From bottle warmers, to sterilisers, and breast pumps, there’s a lot of gadgets when it comes to feeding. Bottle prep machines can save you time, but the truth is they are not essential. If you’re planning to formula feed, all you really need is a bottle and your milk of choice. The NHS recommends sterilising feeding equipment in a large pan of water for 10 minutes.

If you’re breastfeeding, a pump can give you more flexibility, but it isn’t a necessity. We’d recommend getting into your flow with feeding before rushing out to buy anything. Our only non-negotiable essentials would be breast pads, muslins, and nipple cream. We loved using a feeding pillow, but you can definitely survive without one. If your pregnancy pillow doubles up as a feeding pillow, then all the better.

Weaning essentials such as a highchair, plates, and cutlery can be purchased when your little one starts eating solids at six months onwards.

Bathtime essentials

You’ll probably only use a baby bathtub until your little one can sit up unaided at about six months. However, they are really useful to support your little one properly whilst you are bathing them. If you can borrow or rent one, then that would be a great option. If not, definitely make sure you pass it along.

If you don’t plan to buy a bathtub, then bathing with your little one in the bath or shower is always an option! Beyond a bathtub, our other essentials would include a newborn bath towel with a hood, gentle bath time products, and a flannel.

Baby health essentials

There’s a few items that we would really recommend making sure you have when it comes to baby healthcare. First up is a pair of baby nail scissors or clippers. Cutting tiny nails can be a bit scary at first, so an electric baby nail file is also a good investment.

Make sure you have a thermometer. It can be hard to get an accurate reading from a wriggly baby with the one that goes under the armpit. So we’d really recommend one that you just point at their forehead. Purchasing a well-stocked baby first aid kit is also a good idea to save late night dashes to the pharmacy.

Finally, you’ll need a baby hair brush and also a toothbrush for when those first teeth arrive.

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Toys and books

You’ll get gifted so many things, so toys and books are definitely something you can wait and buy as you go along. Bigger items like baby gyms, and baby bouncers can be useful and fun for your little one.  Most bouncers can only be used up until six months, so it’s worth looking for one that will grow with your child. The Nuna LEAF grow can be used from birth to 60Kg. It turns into a chair afterwards, so it’s ideal for longevity. Our advice is to focus on the most important purchases first, like your stroller and car seat. And also to look out for items that you can use in multiple ways, and that will adapt as your baby gets older. 

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