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Joolz Birth Forest: Sustainable Strolling

Joolz Birth Forest: Sustainable Strolling

“We like to contribute to a sustainable world and my belief is that every little step is a meaningful one."

Creative Director Emile Keunen

Celebrate your baby, Contribute to the planet 

The day your baby arrives is one you’ll never forget. In celebration of this miraculous occurrence, Joolz is offering a gift – to parents; to babies; to the world. For every Joolz stroller bought, a tree will be planted in the sustainable Joolz Birth Forest in Colombia. The forest aims to combat harmful CO2 emissions and to contribute to the development of sustainable communities across Colombia.

How does it work?

When purchasing a Joolz pushchair, register your purchase online using the serial number and your baby’s date of birth. Then, a tree will be planted in the Joolz Birth Forest. An official certificate will find its way to you in the post. Not only will you be a proud contributor to the Joolz Birth Forest, but you’ll also be a recipient of a cardboard customizable Joolz Measure Tree. As your tree grows, so will your baby, and you can measure their height on a pretty cut-out.

Positive Design: The Pushchair Itself 

The Joolz Day Pushchair is beautifully designed, boasting many attractive features. Thanks to the unusually high cot (or seat), you won’t strain your back lifting your baby in and out of this ergonomically designed model. Plus, the extendable handlebar means there’s ample space for long legs. In line with their sustainable strolling initiative, all Joolz products arrive in reusable, recycled packaging. From lampshades to birdhouses, picture frames to chairs, you’ll be able to make a practical, beautiful product.