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Kate Hudson talks Motherhood and Movies

Kate Hudson talks Motherhood and Movies

Kate Hudson Feature

Born into Hollywood royalty, Kate Hudson has forged her own way, creating a wellness empire as well as countless blockbusters. She talks movies, happiness and motherhood with Mama

Words Morag Turner

The hashtag #momfail is not one you would naturally associate with Kate Hudson. So when she recently posted a photo on her Instagram account showing a pizza that was completely burned to the point of resembling a chocolate dessert, it might have surprised some.

“I don’t usually post food stuff but I was inspired by my mom friends posting all their yummy healthy homemade recipes. So here it is….you’re welcome. First take the pizza out of the box. Set the oven to 375. Pour a glass of wine. Place the pizza in the oven. DO NOT set timer. Sip your wine. Recommended cooking time is 12 to 14 minutes,” she says in her post.

“I say wait a good hour to get this perfect deep dark brown color. Or wait until your hungry kids come and ask when the pizza will be ready… drink more wine. #momfail”.

If you know nothing about Hudson, this might seem out of place for a glamorous star. But in many ways she’s actually just another mum balancing kids and work, albeit with the perks of A-list lifestyle.

As well as raising her two sons Ryder, 13 and Bingham, 6, Kate has a glittering Hollywood career, starring in blockbusters such such as Almost Famous, You, Me and Dupree and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

This month she is taking on one of the most challenging roles to date starring in Marshall, the dramatic retelling of a notorious 1941 Greenwich, Connecticut legal case in which she plays a wealthy socialite who accuses her black chauffeur of rape.

But while her films are what made her famous, Kate is equally passionate about wellness. In 2013 she launched Fabletics, an athletic wear company that has grown into a $250 million corporate empire. Her affordable, stylish gym gear is now the go-to brand for all those who want to look good while they work out.

Kate herself embodies everything the brand represents, embracing an extremely healthy lifestyle. But despite her toned physique and glowing skin, she remains realistic and down-to-earth in her aproach to wellness.

“Trying to achieve physical perfection is ridiculous,” she admits. “To feel good about yourself you need to understand your body and what you need to feel good and healthy with what nature gave you.

“I want to be as fit and healthy as I possibly can be not just for my own well-being, but for my family, and for my children.”

Kate Hudson Book

Last year she decided to put these thoughts down on paper, writing her book Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body which immediately became a bestseller. In it she describes how she keeps fit and eats well, but also enjoys her life. Her latest book, Pretty Fun, focuses on how much she enjoys entertaining and celebrating.

“I don’t believe in diets,” the 38 year-old refreshingly admits. “I believe in eating healthy and staying active. I hate the idea of turning the dining table into a very restrictive place. Eating, especially with your family, should be a fun activity and it’s a terrible thing if we rob ourselves of that pleasure.”

Kate is very keen to ensure her sons have a similarly healthy lifestyle and tries to avoid sugar in their diet. She’s a big supporter of her friend Jamie Oliver’s campaign for a tax on fizzy drinks.

“I think the real issue with sugar is it acts like a drug and there’s too much in our food. It’s simple: it’s so bad for you. I know, it’s hard. I’ve got two kids and they go to school, have snacks and eat a lot of sugar. But I think the more you educate your kids, and the more aware you are yourself, the better it is,”says Kate, who lives in LA with her children and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

Loving the outdoors, yoga and anything that involves exercise, Kate says her boys have a role in her fitness regime.

“Running after my kids is part of my workout routine!” she laughs. “My sons will often join me when I’m doing my workouts at home.”

“I hope my sons will always enjoy being active and that’s something that’s going to benefit them for the rest of their lives. My parents were always very active and we did a lot of biking and hiking together as a family.”

The parents she refers to are of course Hollywood legends Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who raised Kate and her brother Oliver on a sprawling ranch in Colorado.

“My mother is very optimistic and cheerful, but she also has a very sensitive and thoughtful side that people don’t often appreciate because of the kinds of films she did and what a great comedienne she is,” she explains.  “My father Kurt is much more pragmatic and more of a realist. But they both shared a common philosophy of creating a very happy and positive home life and that’s something I have always tried to do with my children.”

At times that has not been easy for the star to achieve, having gone through a divorce and the breakdown of a second long-term relationship, but her parents’ support has been invaluable.

“My mom and I share everything. She’s my greatest confidente. It’s been very important and comforting for me to have that relationship, especially during the tough times.”

Just like all mums, Kate admits she has good days and bad ones and is just trying to do her best. The mother of two, who recently shaved her head for an upcoming role in the movie Sister, doesn’t shy away from discussing real life issues and  has previously spoken candidly about how she juggles life as a single parent.

“Some days I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days I find myself doing strange things that don’t have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realise I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children.

“It’s tiring, sometimes, but I have a lot of help. When you’re a mother, you try to look after everyone and hold things together, even if you feel that things are wearing you down and you feel like you’re the one who needs support.”

In a world where so many celebrities are trying paint the picture of perfect parenthood, it’s refreshing to hear her honest admissions about family life. But,  no matter how many film roles and book deals come her way, Kate says she always priorities her boys.

“I listen to them and I’m in sync with them. I grew up with working parents, and you know, we never felt we were not the priority. I feel like the act with my kids is always putting them first, and everything else comes after that. It’s that basic.” That will always be a #momwin in our book.


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