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Lorna Drew: finding the right maternity and nursin...

Lorna Drew: finding the right maternity and nursing bra

Lorna Drew

Maternity lingerie designer Lorna Drew on choosing the perfect bra for you, your breasts and your baby

As soon as your everyday bra becomes uncomfortable you should be re-measured. Everyday bras are designed with a completely different support and style system, so simply purchasing a larger size may cause pressure on any developing milk glands. This kind of thing can lead to gland blockage which in turn is the key cause of mastitis.

Most ladies will find that they increase up to two band sizes and two cup sizes; however each individual will grow and adjust at their own rate.

  1. Make sure that the band is on the tightest hook (to ensure growing room). Your breasts should be completely encased in the cups (no bulges under the arm).
  2.  It is worth remembering that there are no muscles in your breasts, so they need the support to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Correct support will also minimise backache and stretch-marks.
  3.  Your ribcage will expand along with your bust shape and size. We usually recommend our Grace Flexiwire (with fibre-bonded technology), which adjusts 360 degrees to gently accommodate these changes. However, many ladies are more comfortable in a soft bra at this stage.
  4. Most nursing bras are suitable for use throughout pregnancy. Our Adjust to Fit technology enables the mum-to-be as well as the nursing mum to adjust the cup up to three sizes to ensure she has the level of support she requires while her breasts fluctuate.
Lorna Drew
Lorna Drew
Nursing bra top tips:

It is essential to be fitted properly for your nursing bra. It should be fitted at the loosest hook to allow you to tighten the bra as you regain your pre-pregnancy shape. You may find you are at least one cup size bigger now, which allows for your milk coming in.

An easy access nursing clip is imperative to allow for easy nursing and that all important skin-to-skin contact.

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