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Managing Maternity Leave: Flexible Working That Wo...

Managing Maternity Leave: Flexible Working That Works For You

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We share our top tips for building confidence, making money and boosting productivity during your maternity leave.

Heading off on maternity leave and becoming a new mum doesn’t have to mean the end of your earning power. With a bit of forward-thinking and the right platforms, it’s easy to boost your family’s finances. Whether your sights are set on becoming a mumtrepreneur, or you’re looking to build confidence before going back to work, there are a number of ways in which you can make your maternity leave work for you. Here’s how you can become an economical force to be reckoned with. New mums, listen up.

The Rise of Mumtrepreneur

A 2015 study by think tank Development Economics found that mumtrepreneurs generated £7.2 billion of wealth, adding 30% of value to the UK economy. The report predicts that by 2025 this figure will grow to £9.5billion, with around 800,000 women running their own businesses part-time. All while dealing with the demands of the school run, nappy changes and mealtimes. It just goes to prove that there is a wealth of opportunity to unlock previously hidden creative, digital and financial talent during this new and exciting chapter of life.

Unlimited Success

A platform like Unlimited Success can help you grow both personally and financially while you’re away from work. Through dedicated courses and training, it can help you develop a sturdy portfolio of assets, build confidence, make more money away from the nine-to-five and grow your entrepreneurial venture, doing what you love. The founders of Unlimited Success have made a dent in the world through property, business, internet, authoring, personal branding, mindset and training tens of thousands of internationally-based people across seven companies to do the same for themselves.

They are a group of highly sought-after speakers on business, property and personal empowerment, so you know you’re in good hands. Co-founder Rob Moore has partnered with many of the biggest household names in business, as well as mentoring success-hungry people who want to achieve more money and recognition in both business and life. It’s a space where you can share experience and knowledge, as well as develop skills you didn’t even know you had.

The Amazon Effect

Modern technology and new approaches have contributed to the rise in stay-at-home jobs with new businesses not needing a high street presence to gain customers. Instead, savvy startups can use websites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as social media, to run their empire from the kitchen table. This keeps the set up costs low and means mums can manage their business remotely while at home.

With the Amazon Cashflow Discovery course from Unlimited Success, you can discover how to build a £7k per-month automated online business part-time in just four weeks by becoming an Amazon approved e-commerce retailer. New mums, families and those who work full-time are making previously unachievable profits from the comfort of their homes.

Building Confidence With An Online Course

When maternity leave draws to a close, it’s not uncommon for many women to dread the notion of going back to work. Paranoia that they’ve forgotten how to do their jobs may start to creep in, or maybe the new sense of perspective afforded by parenthood makes their job seem less fulfilling than it once was. Aside from the obvious solution of learning new skills and educating yourself in something outside of your nine-to-five, an online course or an open-university degree is a great way of maintaining workplace confidence and preparing yourself for returning from your maternity leave.

From sciences and digital skills to cookery, languages, marketing and social work, there are hundreds to choose from, available from multiple schools and institutes; you’re bound to find something to suit your skill set and interests. You’ll return to the office with new-found confidence and an added competency that may even improve your performance at work.

Flog Your Unwanted Things

If you’ve something secondhand to sell, eBay* usually pays best –  yet to really get it to work for you, you need to know the etiquette and shortcuts. Money Saving Expert has a really good article on everything from how to cut fees to closing auctions at the best times. Depop is another brilliant site for selling unworn clothes.

Part Instagram, part e-commerce platform, the site has grown in popularity so much so that avid thrifters can make six figure salaries selling old clothes. If you’ve an eye for finding treasures, car boot sales can be an effective little money earner. Consider selling specialist items and building a reputation for being the go-to person; offering your knowledge and expertise with the product can increase the price you’re paid.

Unlimited Success

Get Creative With Social Media

With the growth in social media comes a wealth of new opportunities for money-making. Just the sheer number of active users is enough to make your jaw drop. Facebook has over two billion while Instagram now has around one billion. This offers a lucrative opportunity for brands to make use of social influencer marketing. An Instagram user with 100,000 followers can potentially earn thousands for a post made in partnership with a brand, and if you’re a regular user of the platform, there are numerous ways in which you can monetise your account.

Begin by growing your following and then always remember that content is key. Create high-quality content that will appeal to people in your niche, engage with your audience and post authoritatively and authentically. After this, you can start looking for brands that will pay you for your Instagram posts.

Blogging is another digital remit in which there are numerous opportunities to make more money. Again, authenticity and authority will go a long way. Be approachable, understand what your audience wants and needs and be consistent with your content. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site.

Affiliate marketing is another great way in which you can monetise your blog. This is where advertisers pay commision for any product purchased as a result of being directed to it via your site. It all relies on building a quality following so blogging is not necessarily a get rich quick strategy, but if you do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more.

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