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Meet Koochi, Cosatto’s little sister brand

Meet Koochi, Cosatto’s little sister brand


Koochi, the little sister of baby brand Cosatto, have re-designed their favourite pushchairs and car seats, effortlessly teaming cool and relaxed styles with efficient and durable designs

Meet Koochi, Cosatto’s little sister

Koochi, the little sister of baby brand Cosatto, have re-designed their favourite pushchairs and car seats, effortlessly teaming cool and relaxed styles with efficient and durable designs.

Aptly named ‘Bali’ and ‘Havana’ the new collections bring a taste of the holiday lifestyle to everyday life. The designs mix trend-inspired ombre washes overlayed with print in a palette of pinks, turquoises and yellows to epitomise sunny days and happy times.

Natalia Crisp, Brand Manager at Koochi said, “We wanted to base our Bali and Havana on the tranquil colours of sunset and sea in these exotic locations. The leather details and branding were inspired by surf wear and vintage travel accessories. We wanted to create a range that exudes a relaxed, beachy vibe and reminds mum to slow down and take it easy.”

Motohero in Havana
The Speedstar in Bali
Motohero in Bali

Koochi has been inspired from day one by activewear trends right down to the styling and even the fabrics they use. This, along sides the theme of different cities and cultures, creates a brand that seamlessly blends substance and style; suiting both the laidback and leisurely and the upbeat and energetic.

Crisp continues “In this day and age it’s all too common to find yourself rushing through life on autopilot. One of the key values of the Koochi brand is to encourage mindfulness & being fully in the moment, noticing & appreciating the little things that make life special.”

Using quality fabrics, finishes and detailing, Koochi products consist of the most wearable wheels and seats, guaranteed to last a full 4 years and through everything life throws at them.

Koochi’s new collections Bali and Havana are available in both pushchairs and car seats.

The Pushmatic in Bali
The Sneaker in Bali
The Pushmatic in Havana
The Kickstart

The Kickstart is a group 1 car seat combining top notch safety with maximum comfort to make it a real winner. The adjustable is fitted with plush padding and comes forward facing with the option to recline, offering comfort and ease for both baby and parent.

 The Motohero

A group 123 car seat, the Motohero grows with your passenger. This car seat leads the way with ultra-snug support and sheer adjust-ability, protecting them all the way through childhood.

The Pushmatic

This effortless to push, pushchair comes equipped with a lightweight 3 design offering great manoeuvrability and top notch on board comfort. Suitable from birth to 3 years (approx.) the Pushmatic comes with extra cosy fleece-lined footmuff/liner, chest pads, headhugger, raincover and kit bag.

The Speedstar

The Speedstar is built to last from newborn to toddler. It includes chest pads, headhugger, fleece-lined footmuff, cup holder, changing bag and comfy umbrella fold; perfect for stripping down in summer or staying toasty warm in the cold.

The Sneaker

The easy to use, lightweight Sneaker that simply requires a pop up and push is the everyday pushchair for simplicity. Suitable from birth to 3 years (approx.), this product is equipped with an umbrella-fold chassis and comes with a raincover. The all-round suspension creates onboard comfort for the passenger alongside multi-position recline and adjustable calf support.


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