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My Style : Vicki Broadbent

Vicki Broadbent

Founder of Honest Mum, Vicki Broadbent, picks a few of her favourite things | @honestmum

What I love about what I do

When I started, all I wanted from my job was the ability to have creative freedom over how I worked. But now what I really love about my job is having a platform to impact, motivate and inspire other mothers.

Fashion Essential

My KeriKit Vicki Backpack! With a gorgeous vegan leather leopard-print design, this backpack finally made me feel organised. It’s honestly the perfect bag for a mum on the go!



Thing to do

I absolutely love taking long walks through the park with my children during the winter months. Sometimes it can be tempting to stay cosy and warm inside when the cold weather hits but there is something about putting on some layers and getting outside into the crisp wintry air for a family stroll.

Biggest Inspiration

It has to be my family. My kids are an endless source of inspiration and give me purpose and drive every single day of my life. My husband is my absolute rock, and whether with Mum Buss the book or my blog, he always supports my creative endeavors.

Fashion Designer

Ooh that’s a tough one! I absolutely love Alice Temperley. Her dresses are the perfect mixture of boho and relaxed. I also love Dara Ford’s structured, chic bespoke dresses and jackets.