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Hoop lists thousands of fun, local family activities

Words Holly Kirkwood

An app with thousands of searchable activities for families literally has something for everyone – something worth knowing this Easter holiday, and with May half-term approaching.

Originally invented by a group of dads who couldn’t believe there wasn’t a simpler way to find fun local events for their children, Hoop has been developed to show parents everything going for kids within their local area, including stacks of free activities; 20% of their listings are cost-free.

Founder Max Jennings says the app is careful to select age-and-interest-appropriate activities for users, because it can be a massive pain trekking across the city to find something is closed, or booked out, or not what you expected.

Baby discos are popular and Jennings and his daughter discovered them through Hoop. He told the Evening Standard: “I didn’t appreciate how much great stuff there is in London before. What’s impressive is the variety. I’m looking forward to going to kids’ comedy classes with my daughters when they are slightly older — they can do their own improv. At the moment we go to Baby Broadway, where people from the West End do musicals with kids in the mornings. My kids love that they are going to new things.”

Over 100,000 parents installed Hoop in London in its first six months, and it’s expanding to other British cities as the year progresses. The app lists over 20,000 events and activities for kids every month, from baby raves and coding camps to art workshops and dance classes: just choose your listings based on your childrens’ (and your) interests and age, and how far you’re prepared to travel.

For every activity you’ll find useful information like the age suitability, pricing, travel times and more – just dive in and take a look

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