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Absolutely Mama talks to a mother whose child suff...

Absolutely Mama talks to a mother whose child suffered severely from eczema before the discovery of Oilatum products


By Lucie Pearce

Absolutely Mama talk to Oilatum about how their products helped ease one child's eczema symptoms

Beth Goss, who is a full time mum to 2 year old Jay, said that her son’s skin was causing him so much pain that she contemplated taking him to A&E. But now, thanks to Oilatum products that helped to clear up his eczema, Jay can enjoy bath time again.

Jay had suffered from sore, cracked eczema since he was 4 months old, which got progressively worse as he grew up. “It was always red raw, bumpy and extremely dry. It was horrible to see my little boy in so much pain. His skin became so sore that having a bath, something which is usually fun for parents and their children, became a horrible experience for us. He would scream in pain. We had to refrain from using any lotions, soaps or bubbles on him as this aggravated the skin and resorted to quick baths using just water and a sponge to clean him.”

Beth describes how for a long time, she and her partner thought the eczema was caused by a food allergy and considered cutting things out of his diet. “I had suffered with mild eczema as a child but on certain parts of my body. This was all over Jay which made me question whether it was a food intolerance rather than eczema. We visited our GP several times who each time said it could be something different. From food allergies, to washing powder to perfumes. It didn’t provide us with that quick fix I was hoping for. The doctor eventually prescribed an emollient cream but it did not give the expected results as Jay’s skin continued to cause him discomfort and looked extremely sore. We kept returning to the doctors who prescribed a steroid cream. While this did help reduce the eczema flare ups, I knew of the damaging effect long term steroid cream use can have so I didn’t want Jay using it forever.”

With no sign of his skin improving without steroids, Beth explored her suspicions on whether a food allergy was the cause. “We started to cut certain foods out of his diet to pinpoint the direct cause, but were at a loss when his skin problems continued. We spent so many sleepless nights cuddling Jay who would be crying and itching aggressively at his skin. My partner and I felt so helpless and we were desperate for an answer.”

After months of little success at home, Jay was referred to the children’s hospital in Brighton to test for food allergies. “Due to many food diaries and logs completed over time, the consultant and I narrowed down 16 food types to test. Fortunately for him the results came back all clear of no allergies, but left us still in a position of not knowing the cause. Still having concerns, we were referred to the dermatology department where they confirmed that the skin problems were eczema. The dermatologist prescribed him with a much stronger steroid cream which cleared the rash up and now we use an emollient daily to keep it under control.”

Still haunted by the fear of bath time, it was actually Beth’s mother-in-law who recommended a brand called Oilatum as she had used the adult range to help her with a very rare skin condition. “We had nothing to lose so gave it a go and we were blown away with the results. From the very first use, it soothed the skin and showed no sign of any making the condition worse. His skin feels soft and a lot less itchy. I am extremely grateful for an easy result which doesn’t come with prescription. We now use both the Oilatum Head to Toe wash and the Oilatum Bath Foam and Jay’s skin has never looked better. It’s not come up in any kind of rash, nor has his eczema been irritated by these products. This result feels like a huge success for parents who have had a long time of watching their children in pain, especially during bath time when soaps can cause stinging.  Jay can now enjoy his bubble bath, a normal part of childhood, without us having the constant worry of repercussions.”

Research conducted by Oilatum found more than 1 in 10 (17%) parents are afraid to bathe their child in case of flaring up their dry skin/eczema. Whilst, 41% believe skin care products are a trigger for their child’s dry skin/eczema, a third of parents have instead bathed their child in porridge oats to soothe symptoms. The same research also found a quarter of parents of children with eczema report their child has missed a day of nursery/school because of their condition.

Sharing her tips for the perfect bath, Paediatric Dermatologist Dr Jess Felton says, “For children with dry skin and eczema, bathing two to three times a week is fine. A “Goldilocks” bath is best; too hot can be drying, too cold is uncomfortable. About skin temperature or 37 degrees Celsius is just right. A short bath of 5 minutes or less is more than enough to cleanse the skin and have fun. Remember prolonged exposure to water can actually be drying to the skin”.

Dr Felton also highlights that it is important “to use a bathing product designed for dry and eczema prone skin to help soothe and protect the skin barrier while bathing. It is also worth thinking about the best time to bathe your baby, ideally this would be when the baby is happy and not hungry or tired”.

Oilatum helps to treat and reduce the occurrence of dry skin and eczema by soothing, softening and hydrating the skin in children and babies. A perfect addition to your little ones bath time routine.

Oilatum Junior Bath Additive is a soothing bath treatment for little ones suffering with eczema and dry skin conditions.

The product has been specially formulated to rehydrate and protect, while producing a soothing milky bath to treat the skin.

Oilatum Junior Bath Additive forms an emollient film on the skin’s surface to reduce moisture loss and to soothe, soften and rehydrate the skin. It also cleanses the skin so soap is not needed.

For use on children and babies, add ½-2 capfuls to a basin or small bath of water. Apply gently over entire body with a sponge and then pat dry.

The product is suitable from birth and is fragrance free.

Oilatum Junior Bath Additive is £8.99 for 300ml for £8.99 and £5.29 for 150ml

Oilatum Junior Cream is used to soothe and treat atopic eczema, contact dermatitis and dry skin conditions in children and babies.

The product soothes, softens and rehydrates the skin while also relieving itching.

Oilatum Junior Cream forms a protective film which moisturises the skin and is especially effective after washing to counteract the loss of oils from the skin.

Oilatum Junior Cream is fragrance free and suitable for people allergic to lanolin. It is also suitable for babies (from birth), adults, children and the elderly.

Oilatum Junior Bath Cream is £7.99 for 350ml

Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe Wash has been specially developed with dermatologists for use on babies and children with dry skin, and is also suitable for those prone to eczema.

The gentle formulation offers everyday protection for healthy skin and helps to reduce the occurrence of dry skin. The product contains ultra-gentle, effective cleansers for dry skin and respects the natural moisture barrier in young skin.

Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe is kind to eyes and soap free.

To use at bath time, simply pour onto your hand or a flannel and work into a lather before applying to wet skin and wet hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe Wash is £4.99 for 300ml.

Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam has been specially developed with dermatologists for use on babies and children with dry skin, and is also suitable for those prone to eczema.

The gentle formulation offers everyday protection for healthy skin and helps to reduce the occurrence of dry skin. The product contains ultra-gentle, effective cleansers for dry skin and respects the natural moisture barrier in young skin.

Add a small amount of junior bath foam to running water and swirl by hand.

Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam is £4.99 for 300ml.

All products are available from Boots stores nationwide and online at and