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Parenting essentials for space deprived city dwell...

Parenting essentials for space deprived city dwellers


Babies require different types of gear, but all take up space. We look at the best parenting essentials products for space deprived parents

Space mission

A huge factor for those living in cities is space. Babies require all sorts of gear, from bouncers to bottle-warmers, sterilisers to sleeping bags, car seats to carriers. The common denominator? It all takes up space. There are a few tricks of the trade city dwellers should get to know, to make the most out of what you’ve got.

Tidy nursery, tidy mind

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to maximise space is remain organised. Invest in efficient storage systems that make it easy to put things away. It doesn’t have to break the bank, there are plenty of cheap options when it comes to baskets and boxes, and they’ll make your life much easier. When it comes to nappy changing, for example, rather than simply placing the cream, nappies, wipes and hand sanitiser near your changing station, pop them in a box. The same goes for clothing. Your baby will get through a considerable amount of fresh laundry every day, and the washing pile will become a mound in no time. Make sure you have a system which makes it easier, and won’t encroach on space.

High chairs

When your baby is ready for a seat at the table, you’ll look to invest in a high chair. They come in all shapes and sizes, some you can clip to the table (great for on the go) and some even have wheels. If you’re looking to save space, consider how wide the legs of the chair are. Some will go straight down to the ground, whereas others take up a deceptively large amount of space. Another point to think about is if you want a chair which folds – some fold up like an ironing board so you can store them easily in a cupboard when you want to entertain.


If you’re looking for your first pushchair, understand that it is an investment piece. And so it should be. Your baby is going to be spending a significant amount of its first years on this planet in it, so there’s no room for compromise. It is, however, a good idea to consider your lifestyle and make sure that your pushchair matches it as best it can. For city-dwellers, this means choosing a pushchair which is nimble, manoeuvrable, light, compact, and – if possible – stylish. Sounds like a big ask, but the pushchair business is booming, and there really is something for everyone. For those living in cities, or for those whose friends already have babies, Bugaboo will be a familiar brand.

Their products marry unmistakable style and unparalleled comfort. They’re designed to last a lifetime  – not just the infancy of your first child – they’re to be passed through friends and family, and they’ll be going strong years later. This will be music to the ears of the eco-conscious (hopefully all of us) who are aware that buying well once is better than buying cheap again, and again – both for the planet and their pockets.

Pushchairs can be the biggest culprit in diminishing free-flowing areas in the household so it’s crucial you choose a chair which collapses easily, is light-weight and convenient to store away. The Bugaboo Bee 5 ticks all the boxes and more. It folds down in a matter of seconds, and you can even do it with one hand. It’s light enough to carry up and down stairs and is surprisingly streamlined when folded. It’s so compact in fact, that squeezing onto public transport a breeze, and you’ll barely notice it tucked into the corner of a small apartment. That’s city living made easy.

Bumpy Ride

When you start to navigate the city with a pushchair, one of the first things you might notice is how uneven seemingly flat streets can be. This is where suspension comes in. Some pushchairs, like the Bugaboo Bee 5 boast four-wheel systems. The Bee 5 even has an extra damping mechanism for shock-absorption so that your baby doesn’t suffer from the Princess-and-the-Pea-effect. The last thing you want is to stroll in constant fear that a cobble might wake your little one from their dream-state. Secondly, quick steering should be a priority. Whether you’re navigating a busy street or working your way around a heaving supermarket, swerve the crowds with the Bee 5’s small swivel wheels and nimble manoeuvrability.

Finally, safety first: while comfort is important, and compactness is handy, safety is paramount. Make sure the pushchair you invest in has a five-point harness so you (and they) can rest assured that they stay where they should be, whatever obstacles are in the way.


As new parents, you want a product that is not only perfect from day one, but one that will reliably see you through the early years. With the Bee 5 you can take your little one home from the hospital in the fully flat carrycot which is padded for ultimate comfort. It fits parent-facing onto the frame so that your little one is always in sight, but then extends, reverses and reclines through to toddler age. When your child is ready to sit up and see the world, the transition from parent-facing to outward-facing couldn’t be simpler.


The world of pushchair accessories is pretty fun. Here are a few of our favourites which are both stylish and undeniable useful.

Bugaboo Bee tray makes it ever-so-easy for your little one to eat while you’re on the go. It attaches to the pushchair and swivels round so that it’s not in the way when you’re lifting your little one in and out of the chair.

We also love the stylish clip-on parasol by Bugaboo, which can take your pushchair to the next level. Not only does it provide sun protection of UPF50+, the stem clicks into different positions so that your baby is always covered. Plus it makes quite the statement in a multitude of colour-ways. When the days are grey (which, let’s face it, they often are) the parasol wraps up efficiently and you can store it in the undercarriage.

For city-breakers and holiday-takers, the compact transport bag is an essential – especially if you’re a regular flyer. The clever design means you won’t end up lugging a heavy bag around the airport – the Bugaboo Bee 5’s wheels slot through specially designed holes in the bag so you can wheel it along with the rest of your luggage (and when you’re waiting in line, it stands on its own). In true Bugaboo style, the transport bag is made from durable, water-repellent material meaning it’ll stand the test of time (and the airport conveyor belt).

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