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The Products Worth Spending On for a New Baby

The Products Worth Spending On for a New Baby

Products Worth Spending On for a New Baby

Absolutely Mama shares our top tips for the baby essentials you really need.

Having a baby is a wonderful but expensive experience for parents. With a little one on the way it’s tempting to fill your home with the entire baby department, but there are only a few items you really need. We look at the products worth spending on for a new baby.

Furniture that will be on display

The high chair stands at the epicentre of feeding time from the moment your baby can sit up and start eating solid food. It’s a staple piece of furniture, designed to keep them secure and your floor clean. Ideally, you want one without cracks and crevices into which food can collect. Try to find one that is quick to wipe down and perhaps with an easily detachable tray to wash. This is a piece of furniture that you’ll have for a couple of years in one of the most used rooms of the home; ensure you’ll be happy looking at it and cleaning it every day.

All new parents can count on changing a lot of nappies. A changing table provides a designated station for which to do so, with supplies in easy reach. Whether you go for a traditional changing table or a dresser with a changing pad on top, you’ll be thankful for a space that is quick to clean and comfortable for both baby and parents. Changing tables can be especially useful for mums recovering from C-sections as bending frequently at the waist can be uncomfortable. This is a prominent piece of furniture that will be used frequently so it’s worth spending on something that’s not only stable, but something that will look it belongs.

The safety gear you’ll use most often

Parents will unanimously agree that pushchair shopping is an area where it’s worth spending time and money. Whether you need sturdy wheels for the countryside or a model that will fit in the cabin of a plane, you’ll want to take time researching the best model to suit your lifestyle. A good all-rounder is the mytrax flex signature pushchair from Joie. This three in one model is designed for all terrains and is extremely travel-friendly. It also works as an incredibly comfortable carrier for your newborn; the pushchair seat simply snaps on and snaps off to adapt between stroller and carrycot.


mytrax™ flex signature

For busy parents on the go, the litetrax 4 flex signature pushchair is a clever system that folds down with effortless speed so that you’re ready to go, anywhere, anytime.


litetrax™ 4 flex signature

A car seat is essential for getting your newborn home from the hospital safely. Before your due date, make sure both you and your birth partner know how to fix it and strap your baby in, as some can take a bit of getting used to. When it comes to investment pieces, we love a two-in-one. This i-Level car seat works as a flat reclining seat that can be used in the car or on a pushchair.



Rearward facing, it’s suitable from birth to 85cm and is compatible with most Joie pushchairs and with other pushchairs using Maxi-Cosi® style car seat adapters. For the ultimate in convenience, the i-Spin 360 is another product we love. It pivots to face forwards, rearwards and every way in between, so that getting them carefully in and out couldn’t be easier. But for a newborn investment piece that will really stand the test of time, the every stage fx signature car seat will take you from day one to age 12. This high-tech product will transition four times to grow with your child, with layer upon layer of padded protection and leatherette touches for added luxury.

Every Stage Fx Signature

Baby’s comfort

Whether you go for a crib, cot or Moses baskets, you’ll need somewhere for the little one to sleep as soon as they’re home from the hospital. If you go for a cot, opt for a strong and sturdy model so that it will last two or three years. A mattress is another essential; it should fit snugly into whatever the baby is sleeping in so that they can’t trap their head. One of the hardest things about having a new baby is that you’re responsible for it 24/7. Suddenly even the most mundane tasks, like washing and going to the toilet can be difficult. Having a rocker or a bouncer for your little one can be a lifesaver. It’ll keep the little one secure and entertained, while you can get on with every day tasks.

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