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Pick of the best period pants

period pants

Save the planet, feel comfortable and get fit in our pick of period-proof underwear now available in the UK…

Did you know that the average woman uses 11,000 tampons in their lifetime? That’s around 300lbs of trash in landfills, and it takes centuries for a tampon or a pad to degrade. Clearly, that’s not very sustainable. Sure, there are now more eco-friendly products on the market, including our trusty Mooncup, but there’s also a newer, more comfortable option available – period-proof pants that are super-absorbent and leak-resistant. Here are three well-reputed brands we now have access to in the UK…


period pants

This sustainability-focused brand is already well known in the US, but in June its capsule range of period-proof underwear arrived in the UK at SODA, Selfridges. There are a range of styles, from sport to high-waist and hiphugger, all designed to manage different menstrual flows. Every pair is made with a patented four-layer technology – moisture-wicking cotton, anti-microbial lining, super-absorbent fabric and a leak-resistant barrier – and they promise breathability and odour control. You can wear them on their own or with extra protection on heavy days.

£24; Selfridges


period pants

Wuka is our very own UK-born brand that was founded by Ruby (an environmental scientist) and Dave (who knows his stuff when it comes to product development). The hiphugger-style period wear is simple but comfortable and incorporates a hi-tech absorbent layer (that reportedly absorbs 200 times its own weight in water and locks it in; it holds four tampons worth of blood) with anti-bacterial properties and eco-friendly fabric. Based on customer feedback, you can wear just the pants for up to eight hours on light days and around four to six on heavy days. And, thankfully, they’re machine-washable (so no gross hand washing).

£25; Wuka

Dear Kate

period pants

US-born brand Dear Kate is known for producing gorgeous, chic hipsters, briefs and thongs. The products are made of 100% fabric (so no plastic or films) that is moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, stain-releasing and odour-fighting. What we really love about Dear Kate, however, is the fact that they also have a range of activewear and dancewear. This includes eye-catching yoga capris that protect you from leaks and stains so you can “sweat through your workout and hustle through your flow”. Who said you can’t exercise at that time of the month, huh? You can currently order online, and there’s a dedicated UK e-shop on its way.

Prices vary; Dear Kate