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Workout on your own terms – before and after...

Workout on your own terms – before and after pregnancy

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Keeping fit when pregnant, and once you’ve had your baby, can be tough but one app promises to deliver the workout of your choosing

Words Holly Kirkwood

We all know that keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy is more important than ever – the body changes dramatically, thus both pre-and post-natal exercises can keep expectant mothers feeling fit and supported, whilst assisting new mothers in returning to full strength, carefully, and fix experts on hand – it’s easy to do too much too soon.

Now on-demand fitness app, TruBe has launched pre and post natal offerings for its customers. They aim to help expectant and new mothers keep healthy – both physically and mentally. Their roster of expert trainers provide a range of full body exercises which are appropriate to the stage of your pregnancy, and your own fitness level, and preferences.

Train at home, in the park, or in one of their partner studios, and at a time which suits you, with an expert of your choosing: just download the app, choose your workout, enter a time and location, and choose your trainer, from PT’s to Yogis. You can choose to have a one-on-one session, or share with up to two friends.

Trube say their pre-natal workouts ensure customers stay toned, comfortable and active, whilst the post pregnancy exercises work the body safely back to its full range of movement and strength again.

“Training with a professional during the pregnancy can guarantee correct techniques, breathing, choice and intensity of each exercise. Each program is individually tailored based on fitness levels prior to pregnancy and executed carefully with adjustments for each trimester, to ensure each customer benefits completely from the workouts” adds Victoria Zimmer, post natal trainer.

TruBe boasts over 300 highly-qualified trainers in London, from kickboxing heavyweight champions to professional ballet dancers, so it’s a whole range of options, whatever you’re looking for.

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