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Pregnancy yoga: everything you need to know

Pregnancy yoga: everything you need to know

Why do it?

Many women take up yoga wanting a good stretch; after a few classes they find they feel more energised and have a stronger connection to their babies and bodies.

The stretches help to release tightness and tension from the muscles, but the breathing techniques work on a deeper psychological level to release fears and bring a sense of calm and clarity to the mind. Insomnia, sciatica, hip pain, rib pain, back ache, SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) headaches and anxieties can all be drastically improved or disappear altogether with regular practice.

Pregnancy yoga reminds women that they instinctively know how to move their body. The classes highlight breathing techniques and positions for birth which empower women with the mindset to deal with whatever turn their birth takes.

Using the movements and breathing techniques learned during the classes can encourage the body to relax and open, supporting the labour, speeding up contractions and assisting and facilitating the whole labour process. Additionally the recovery after the birth will be better for women who are fit and healthy from yoga practice throughout pregnancy.


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