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Keeping your kids safe in the pandemic

Keeping your kids safe in the pandemic

Keeping your kids safe in the pandemic

Keeping little hands clean and germ-free is an ongoing struggle at the best of times let alone during a pandemic. Should we be giving little ones soap or sanitizer? How do we encourage them to keep their hands germ free? Teaching kids about hygiene during Covid19 isn’t easy, especially as they’re little explorers touching and tasting, well everything. We all know that good hygiene can help stop the spread of coronavirus, but is singing ‘happy birthday’ while washing their hands enough? Here at My Rockabye we’ve put together some top tips on how to keep your kids safe and skin healthy during the pandemic.

Wash your hands with your kids

Turn on the tap and let your child choose the temperature they are comfortable with. Teach them to wet their hands first, then apply the soap and work into a lather. Try to make it fun by telling a story along the way. Teach them to cover their palms, tops of their hands, in- between their fingers and under the nails for around 20 seconds. And, if singing happy birthday gets tedious, practicing their ABCs could be enough to keep their attention. Then, use a paper towel, kitchen roll or a clean hand towel to dry.

Which soap is best?

Luckily, there are plenty of soaps, sanitisers and wipes specially designed for children that will help to eliminate the germs they may come across on their adventures. Although, it’s hard to know what we should be putting on our children’s skin. One company that has helped dissolve these fears is Precious Angels. All their products are designed specifically for little hands. They’re alcohol free and use a gentle yet powerful formulation that is 99.9% effective against bacteria.

How to keep school kids’ germ-free

Pre-schools and secondary schools usually have strict rules about hand washing and younger children are often supervised. However, talking to your child and explaining why it’s important to stay clean can help overcome any confusion or fears.

Try these top tips: Talk to your child about why they need to wash their hands, that preventing the spread of germs can keep them from getting sick but can also protect others from illness.

Also, depending on their age you might want to talk a little about the pandemic although not if it’s going to make them fearful. Leave sanitizer in their lunchbox as a gentle reminder for them to use it before and after eating. Explain to your kids about being mindful of where their hands are. Remind them to avoid touching their face, touching their masks, putting their hands in their mouth, and touching their eyes. It’s also a good idea to keep your child’s nails trimmed, since dirt and germs collect under the nails and can be hard to get clean.


It’s fun being a kid and we think it should stay that way by keeping them safe and well. To Purchase Precious Angels Hand Sanitiser visit

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