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Top tips: Safe Pregnancy Exercises plus an EXCLUS...

Top tips: Safe Pregnancy Exercises plus an EXCLUSIVE prenatal video for Mama readers

Lucy Mills from Youridealfit

Lucy Mills, Elite Barre, Pilates and prenatal specialist and Founder of Youridealfit on why every expectant mother should be incorporating Pilates into each trimester

If you are new to pregnancy like me, you will almost definitely have many questions about how best to care for your body and your growing bundle of joy. As an experienced Barre and Pilates trainer I know first hand how exercise – practiced safely – can support your entire body during pregnancy.

Not only will Pilates improve strength, balance and alignment, did you know it is one of the only disciplines to engage your pelvic floor in every single exercise? Unlike some forms of high impact exercise, this type of practice focuses on the many small, interconnecting and supporting muscles in the body – the exact same ones that may become unstable and cause joint issues when the hormone Relaxin starts flooding your system. By practising Pilates and pelvic floor engagement leading up to and throughout pregnancy, you will be conditioning the same very specific pelvic muscles (and many others) to assist delivery AND a speedy recovery after your baby is born, preparing you for the everyday demands of motherhood.

I firmly believe that everyone will benefit from personalised attention and explanation when it comes to working out during pregnancy which is why I have curated a schedule of live, accessible and affordable digital group classes offering mums (and non-mums) a range of specialised Pilates and Barre fitness training for safe, insured, premium at-home training. Join me below for an exclusive Pilates class I made for Absolutely Mama readers.


Tip 1

Don’t exercise lying on your back! This position can cause compression of a major blood vessel supporting the uterus

Tip 2

Small movements in correct alignment can assist stabilising your pelvis while Relaxin (pregnancy hormone) floods your system

Tip 3

Conditioning your pelvic floor supports pregnancy, delivery and your own recovery after birth. Exercise your pelvic floor daily!

SPEACIAL READER OFFER!  60 minute group classes cost from as little as £5 per session. Use code ‘ABSOLUTELYMAMA’ entitles clients to one FREE prenatal class (

Lucy also offers 121 sessions – available on request.

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