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Ten sleep essentials for newborns

ten sleep essentials newborns

Sleep and how much (or little!) you’re getting can become an obsession for new parents. Here we round up our top ten essentials for getting the best night with your baby and also the products that promote the safest sleep.


Trying to do up fiddly poppers when you’re really tired is a tricky task. It’s stressful for you and for baby. Night time changes are much easier with a zip up babygrow. Zips are also more comfortable for your little one. Our favourite zip up sleepsuits are from eco-friendly brand MORI. Made from breathable organic cotton and bamboo, they have a beautiful selection of colours and prints and you can choose between long and short versions. Once your little one is out of the newborn phase, they have a great selection of super-soft pyjamas too.

Babymori S Ribbed Sleepsuit Blue


Baby sleeping bags are recommended by The Lullaby Trust as a safer alternative to a duvet. Sleeping bags also emulate the natural cuddle of the womb, helping little ones (and hopefully you!) to get a better night. Made from organic cotton and bamboo, MORI’S bestselling Clever Sleeping Bag has innovative features including a double-direction zip for quick changes and an opening for a pushchair, so that little ones can sleep on-the-move. Make sure you choose the correct TOG for the season. As your little one grows, a sleeping bag remains a good choice as they give them plenty of room to move around & grow. We understand babies grow too fast which is why MORI designed a Clever Sleeping Bag that fit from 4kgs (this size can be anywhere from newborn to 3 months) up to 2 years. (This means you don’t have to replace the sleeping bag every 6 months how handy!)

Clever Sleeping Bag Tog Grey Stripe


The Lullaby Trust recommends that your baby sleeps in your room until they are 6 months old. For safety, they recommend that your little one has a clear sleep space. A side sleeper cot is a popular option as it gives you the convenience of bed sharing without the risks. Enabling you to easily reach over for night time feeds, the dropside design keeps you close whilst your little one is safely in their own bed.


Another option for night time sleep, a Moses basket can also be handy to have in your living room for day time naps. If you get one that sits on a stand, you will easily be able to check on your little one from the sofa as they snooze. The Lullaby Trust recommends that the mattress is firm and the sheets fit snugly into the crib for the safest sleep.


Swaddling is a centuries-old practice that helps little ones to feel secure (like they are still in the womb), promoting better sleep. The origami-like technique of traditional swaddling can be a bit tricky for new parents to master, so we would definitely recommend trying a baby swaddle bag. If you are a master at wrapping your little one up like a burrito though, they have a great selection of traditional organic cotton swaddles too.


Cellular blankets are great for daytime snoozes. We love MORI’S soft cotton and bamboo design as it promotes airflow, making it safe for use in the pram or Moses basket. The breathable fabric regulates your little one’s temperature, keeping them warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Clever Zip Up Sleeping Suits


A special blanket, personalised with your little one’s name or initials, can also be really comforting at bedtime. It can help them get to sleep when you are travelling or staying at a grandparent’s house – especially if it has the familiar smell of home. 


Keeping the baby’s room cool promotes better sleep and is also safer as they won’t overheat. It’s recommended that babies sleep at a temperature between 20° to 22.2°C (68° and 72°F), so a room thermometer can help you maintain an optimal environment.

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A baby’s natural circadian rhythm sets in at around 8-11 weeks old. Once your little one starts recognising the difference between night and day, blackout blinds can help to promote longer periods of sleep – especially in the summer months. We recommend the ones that you attach to your window frame to prevent light leakages. Make sure they are silvered on one side to reflect heat away – so the room doesn’t get too hot.


A baby monitor can provide peace of mind during day time naps when you are nipping in and out of your little one’s room. Once you move them into their own space, you’ll need one for night time sleep too.

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