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The baby gadgets we can’t live without

The baby gadgets we can’t live without


There are so many things you can buy for babies these days and the truth is they actually need very little. However, a new breed of high tech baby gadgets will do everything from rock your baby to sleep, to purify the polluted air in their pram. Any baby gadget that makes life as a parent easier gets a big tick in our book. Especially if promises to help us get more sleep, or acts as an extra pair of hands! Here’s a few of our favourites below…

Snoo Pink Couch

Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

For little ones aged 0-6 months, the SNOO Smart Sleeper really is the Royles Royce of baby bassinets. This high tech piece of kit is said to give you an extra 1-2 sleep a night, help you sleep train your little one, and also prevent baby from rolling into an unsafe sleep position. Controlled via an app where you can chart your little one’s sleep stats and access expert sleep advice, the SNOO simulates the womb with responsive rocking and white noise. And if this wasn’t genius enough, it securely swaddles your little one to promote safe sleeping.

The SNOO was created by paediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, author of ‘The Happiest Baby On The Block’. The stylish design fits seamlessly into any interior and you can change the legs depending on the height of your bed. The mesh walls promote good air flow, and the ‘5 second’ swaddle couldn’t be easier. Five levels of specially designed sound and motion soothes little ones – often calming crying in under a minute. Once you’ve used the SNOO, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy Lifestyle

Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy

Especially brilliant for families living in polluted cities, the Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy creates a gentle flow of purified air around your baby (renewing several times a minute). The genius design was developed by medical experts who recognised the fact that babies are more vulnerable to pollution not only due to their developing lungs, but also because they travel closer to car exhausts in the pram.

The canopy fits onto the Thule Shine baby bassinet and pushchair seat, and can be used from birth into toddlerhood. It’s also connected to an app so that you can keep track of air quality, and also get a reminder when it’s time to change the EPA filter.

App Lifestyle

Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

If you’ve ever tried to take a wriggly baby’s temperature with a traditional thermometer, you’ll know that it’s basically an impossible task. Fast, simple, and most importantly requiring zero contact, the Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer is an absolute game changer. Giving you medical-grade results on the spot, to take a reading all you need to do it switch it on and scan your little one’s forehead.

Like all the best high-tech gadgets, it’s connected to an app which allows you to track temperature readings, set reminders, and enter symptoms and medications for advice. A must-have in your medical kit.

Deluxe White Bg Glow

Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe

Definitely one of the cutest baby sleep aids, Ewan the sheep mimics the comfort of the womb with a soft red melatonin-inducing glow and pink and white noise soothing sounds. A clever ‘smartCRY sensor’ automatically activates when baby stirs, so that Ewan can leap into action to resettle baby, helping the whole family get a better night’s sleep.

New and improved features on the ‘Deluxe’ version include a removable control pod so that you can give Ewan a wash, and one extra sound (making it five in total, including an actual recording of a heartbeat and womb).

Nanit Pro Camera Stand White

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is the most awarded monitor on the market and it’s easy to see why. Delivering a crystal-clear 1080p HD overhead view of your little one, it also plays white noise, alerts you when your little one needs you, and can help you monitor your little one’s breathing with the sensor-free ‘Breathing Band’.

The Nanit is connected to an app which provides sleep tracking and analytics, captures developmental milestones, offers sleep tips and advice, and provides a time-lapse highlight reel so you can rewatch the previous night in seconds. The monitor can also be used at the grandparents’ house with the travel stand and case.

Sleepytroll Adaptercribbabyface

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

If your little one falls asleep easily in the stroller, but wakes up the minute you stop at traffic lights (or for a much needed coffee!), then the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker is a must-buy. Fitting all strollers, the Sleepytroll has a built-in motion and sound sensor and adjustable speed settings. It can also be attached to your an infant carrier car seat and your little one’s cot with the associated attachment.

The Sleepytroll is the most powerful baby rocker on the market, and has a built-in rechargeable battery (that is lithium-free).


Happiest Baby SNOObie™ Smart Sleeper

The SNOObie™ Smart Sleeper is the newest launch from Happiest Baby. This cute little cloud plays 12 different soundtracks to help soothe little ones, and doubles as a dimmable nightlight that shines an array of rainbow hues. Connected to the SNOO app, you can also set ‘Rise & Shine’ routines to signal when it’s time to sleep, and time to wake up. There’s also two ‘Magic Breathing Tracks’ to help you teach your little one mindful breathing – really useful as a gentle approach during for toddler meltdowns.

The SNOObie™can be used from birth, but is also great for toddlers who are afraid of the dark. It’s brilliant if you’ve used the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet with your newborn, but it’s time to transition to a cot. The familiar sounds will make the move a lot easier.


Frida 3-in-1 Humidifier with Diffuser and Nightlight

There’s an unbelievable amount of must-have baby gadgets out there, so we’re all for the ones that can multitask. This humidifier from Frida also acts as a diffuser and can also be used as a nightlight (super handy for night time visibility).

Super easy to use, the cool mist humidifier uses ultrasonic vibration to turn water into a cool hydrating mist. This is great for dry air in the winter – helping ease nasal congestion and dry skin. You can also add ‘Breath Vida Vapour Drops’ or any aromatherapy-grade essential oil to use it as a diffuser. This is great for helping little ones breathe easier. There’s also a range of different coloured night lights for a soothing atmosphere.

Elvie Double Pump Primary Rgb

Elvie Double Pump

Discreet, quiet, and easy to use on-the-go, the Elvie is one of the most popular high-tech hands-free breast pumps. The slimline design slips easily into your bra, and is so quiet you’d barely know it was there. ‘SmartRhythm™ pumping’ allows you to customise the settings via the Elvie app. There’s four pumping rhythms, helping you optimise your milk output and also address issues such as sensitive nipples or heavier letdown.

Misty Temperature Image

Sweet Dreamers Misty the Smart Cloud

This clever little cloud monitors nursery temperature, helps you sleep train your little one, has an integrated night light with an array of soothing colours, and even connects to your Alexa for voice-enabled activation and feed-logging. Via the app, it also has a super-useful baby-diary, to make co-parenting easier.

A must-have gadget, it definitely makes life with a newborn much easier and we’re not sure how we managed without it!

Kitchen Shot

BabyBrezza Bottle and Breastmilk Warmer

We’ve all been there. It’s 3am – baby is crying for milk and bleary-eyed you’re trying to heat a bottle up as quickly as possible so everyone can just get back to bed. An absolute must-have gadget, the BabyBrezza Bottle and Breastmilk Warmer safely and evenly warms up formula, breastmilk, and even food jars in minutes.

Two settings ensure bottles are safely heated to the right temperature. ‘Steady Warm’ uses a warm water bath to preserve breastmilk’s nutrients and ‘Quick Warm’ uses a safe steam to quickly heat up formula and baby food.

The warming basket fits most bottles and the lightweight, compact design makes it easy to travel with. Definitely one of our favourite bottle warmers on the market.

Crane Lifestyle Large

Crane 4-in-1 Humidifier With Sound Machine and Night Light

Flu season is just around the corner, which means stuffy noses (and less sleep…). Enter the 4-in-1 Humidifier from Crane. This helpful gadget refreshes the air with a cool 360 degree mist. It also has an aroma tray where you can add vapour pads for extra relief.

It’s brilliant for helping babies to sleep (whether they have a cold or not). There’s a sound machine with three soothing sounds (white noise, rain, and ocean waves) and also a night light with seven colours to help improve sleep quality. A brilliant buy ahead of the winter months.

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