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The best breastfeeding accessories

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Our favourite breastfeeding accessories to help your nursing journey go as smoothly as possible...

The beauty of breastfeeding is that you just need your boob and your baby. However, any breastfeeding mama knows that nursing can sometimes come with its challenges.

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th August), we’ve rounded up the best breastfeeding accessories to help your breastfeeding journey go as smoothly as possible. From nursing pillows to nipple creams, here’s our favourite go-to products.

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My Expert Midwife Nipple Balm

A good nipple balm is a must for sore nipples. Containing only three ingredients (including medical grade lanolin for a protective barrier) My Expert Midwife’s award-winning No Harm Nipple Balm for Breastfeeding provides fast relief for sore and cracked nipples.

Elvie Catch Collection Rgb

Elvie Catch

The ingenious Elvie Catch (a pair of silicone milk collection cups) ensures that you won’t lose a single drop of breastmilk. Making wet patches a thing of the past, the Catch is a must for leaky boobs.

Elvie Breast Pump

Breast pumps are a handy investment for breastfeeding mamas. They can be helpful if you’re going to be away from your baby, or if someone else (like your partner) will be feeding your little one. Pumping breast milk is also one way to address breast milk supply issues. Ultra quiet and easy to use, the Elvie Pump fits discreetly inside your bra. There’s no wires or tubes – just charge it up and you’re ready to pump.

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bbhugme Nursing Pillow

Night feeds, sofa snuggles and feeds on-the-go are much more comfy for you and your little one with the help of the bbhugme breastfeeding pillow. The clever design allows you to adjust the firmness of the pillow, helping to support you and your baby.

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Binibamba X Little Beacon Giant Swaddle

Breastfeeding mamas definitely shouldn’t need to cover up (if they don’t want to!), but for times when you do, this giant swaddle from Binibamba X Little Beacon is very handy. It’s also good for mopping up milk dribbles.

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Boob Design Nursing Bra

Comfy nursing bras are a must when you’re breastfeeding. We love the range from Boob Design – they have everything from crossover ballet styles to supportive sports bras.

Lola & Lykke Curved Bamboo Nursing Pads

Lola & Lykke Bamboo Nursing Pads

Made from sustainable bamboo with a waterproof layer, Lola & Lykke’s breast pads can be washed and used again and again – eliminating the need for disposable pads. We love the clever curved design that fits neatly in your bra.

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MORI Nursing Top

Knowing what to wear when you’re breastfeeding can be tricky. The mama by MORI clothing range is designed to accommodate a growing bump and also give you easy access for nursing. The collection is made from super soft organic cotton, making it really comfortable too.

Colostrum Harvesting Down

My Expert Midwife Colostrum Harvesting Kit

Colostrum is the breast milk that your baby receives for the first few days after birth when you are breastfeeding and you can start collecting and storing it from 37 weeks of pregnancy. Midwife developed, this kit contains everything you need to harvest colostrum as well access to a 60 minute, 5 star rated webinar hosted by My Expert Midwife’s registered midwives.

Abbo Baby Organic Muslin Burp Bib Earthly Pack

aden + anais Dribble Bib

Perfect for burping, aden + anais’ dribble bibs mop up drool (and sick!). The clever design allows you to drape it around your little one’s shoulder and snap at the back, or place on your shoulder for a no-slip burp cloth.

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MAM Nipple Shields

Whilst we always recommend seeing a lactation consultant if you are struggling with sore or painful nipples, nipple shields can help you to breastfeed for longer. The MAM nipple shield is made from extra soft, thin and flexible silicone to give a ‘breast-like’ feel.