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Tried and Tested: Lovevery The Block Set

Tried and Tested: Lovevery The Block Set

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Absolutely Mama puts The Block Set from Lovevery to the test...

On first inspection, the The Block Set from Lovevery looks like a simple shape sorter. But open up the box and you’ll find a 70 piece + set of joyfully coloured bricks, beads, wheels, and connectors that can be played with in endless ways.

Crafted with sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood and using non-toxic finishes, our first impression was how beautifully made the set is. Not just designed to look good though, it was created by child development experts and is designed to grow with your child from toddler stage to school age and beyond.

My daughter is 15 months and we’ve already found lots of different ways to use it that test her problem solving, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. It comes with a simple-to-follow activity guide and so far we’ve built towers, used it as a shape sorter and post box, made it into a car, threaded beads, and built a house. The best bit though, is that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what you can do with it, so we’re looking forward to many more hours of discovering what this clever box can do.