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The top stresses for UK mothers

things to stress a mum out

What are the things which are stressing us out the most? A survey reveals the truth…

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Are you more or less stressed in the school holidays? Some mums say more stressed; some say it’s a different kind of stress. I mean we love our little monkeys and we’re sad to see them go back to school, but as the holidays begin we’re suddenly faced with entertaining them 24/7, whilst still juggling work.

While the Easter holiday break may be a time for the kids to let loose and de-stress, the opposite would appear to be true for parents, according to a new survey from Pukka Pies, who decided to try to work out what was stressing mums in Britain out at this time of year.

Deciding what to dish out for loved ones and little ones is the number two stress for mums across the country, with a quarter finding it more stressful than solving family arguments, going to work, and even cleaning up after the dog. The number one stress, however, was doing the school run – something mums will be glad to escape this Easter holiday break.

Strikingly, it appears kids are completely in the dark over mum’s stresses – with one in four believing their mums aren’t busy at all and spend most of their time relaxing!

The research from also reveals one in 10 mums are so frantic they have no time at all to themselves – with more than half (52%) admitting they seem to spend all their time cooking.

Top things mums find most stressful

  1. The school run
  2. Deciding what to cook
  3. Solving family arguments
  4. Cooking dinner
  5. Going to work
  6. Putting the children to bed
  7. Solving children’s problems
  8. Family meals
  9. Making sure everyone eats on time
  10. Helping children with homework
  11. Commuting
  12. Cleaning up after pets
  13. Listening to my partner’s problems


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