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Healthy kids’ snacks delivered to your home

Healthy kids’ snacks delivered to your home

chewy moon healthy snacks for kids

Chewymoon is a fun new way of getting children to snack on healthy treats

Words Holly Kirkwood

ChewyMoon aims to be the first healthy home delivery kids’ snacks service, to help parents provide guilt-free snacks for their growing kids. Not only are they making tasty treats for little ones, but they also aim to create a fun world for kids to get to know & even deliver your favourite keto smoothie box.

 “Children are wary of the word healthy! Taste alone isn’t enough; parents need a radically different way of getting children to eat well”, said co-founder and child nutritionist Verena Klanner.

“The best marketers in the world are junk food and drinks companies, who are preying on kids with clever branding. We have taken a leaf out of their book. As parents, before we sell healthy snacks to kids, we should sell the idea of healthy. We need to understand and speak about healthy eating in a language that they understand.”

 With fun characters and a made-up world, ‘Chewymoon’ is the home of the ‘Moonas’, a bunch of crazy critters who have travelled to earth to save kids from Professor Wolfberg, the ambassador of the junk food industry. Illustrated comics, collectible cards and toys depict the fight between the good and the bad.

The boxes are delivered direct to your house and mums and dads can choose from a twice-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly box. Starting at £4.75 (including delivery), subscribers receive five all-natural snacks, together with a comic, collectible battle card and totem toy delivered through their letterbox.

Choose to receive a random selection of five snacks every week or customize your boxes, and choose from over 40 different options which include fruit-smoothie chips, pure fruit shapes, baked cheese, and smoky coconut, to name a few examples.


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