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Top tips to help your baby adjust to the clocks go...

Top tips to help your baby adjust to the clocks going back

Pexels Anna Nekrashevich

Chloe Waller, certified infant sleep coach, founder of The Sleep Guide, and mama-of-one, gives her top tips ahead of the clocks going back...

Here’s your friendly reminder about the clocks going back on October 30th! Now, I understand that this can cause some worry about what to do with your little one’s sleep timings. But do not stress; I am here to reassure you that there are some simple steps you can take to smoothly transition through this change.

I’m Chloe Waller, a certified infant sleep coach and founder of The Sleep Guide. Below I have outlined two easy options for handling the clock change and hopefully avoiding those dreaded 5am wake-ups!

  • Option 1 – go with the flow and don’t change anything. Any changes in your baby’s sleep timings will usually sort themselves out in three or four days.
  • Option 2 – move bedtime back by 10-15 mins per day in the lead-up to the clock change. So if your baby usually goes down at 7pm, they will go down at 7.15pm night one, 7.30pm night two etc., until bedtime is at 8pm on October 30th.
  • If you are going with option two, you may want to adjust nap timings and wake windows along with bedtime to avoid any overtiredness going into that later bedtime.
  • And if you already have a late bedtime that you want to move forward; you don’t need to do anything! The clock change should naturally shift your little one’s bedtime earlier.

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