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Tot Gear: May’s Must Haves


The gear for tots that we love this May



Fred safety gates

Designed for easy, frustration-free fitting to ensure they’re installed quickly and safely, Fred Safety gates are made using engineered high-performance materials instead of the typical cheap plastics. Modern and innovative products that actually make your home safer. Prices start at £100.

Cheeky Rascals

All in One



The newly launched Baby Hug 4-in-1 can be used as an overnight crib, a recliner from birth and a high chair or first table chair from six months. Check the website to view the four different configurations. £200;

Jojo Maman Bébé




Pregnancy pillows are a modern essential – ask anyone who’s tried to go the third trimester without one. This model is perfectly sized and is made from medical-grade materials: dreamy. From £44.99;


Bambino Mio Cloth Nappies


was sceptical about reusable nappies at first. But in a bid to be kinder to the environment, I thought I should give them a go. Though biodegradable nappies are widely available, they still take time to break down, come in single-use plastic packaging and contain non-compostable material.              

The award-winning Miosolo reusable nappy is soft and stylish, but the website recommends you buy additional booster pads for maximum absorbency (especially at night), which is not entirely convenient. You’re also recommended to buy liners, though these are cheap and completely compostable. Changing time is around two hours, so you need a few nappies to get started, and you also need to factor in washing time. That said, being eco-friendly is rarely about what’s convenient.

Ultimately, I’ve found a comfortable balance between using both biodegradable (for when we’re on the move) and reusable nappies, safe in the knowledge that I’m doing my bit (or trying to!) and saving money. Plus, little ones do look rather cute in the Bambino Mio’s snazzy designs… It’s £39.99 for a starter kit.

Bambino Mio


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