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Why baby shower wish lists are having a moment rig...

Why baby shower wish lists are having a moment right now

baby shower wish lists

Baby shower wish lists are a huge trend, here’s why you should make one…

Gift registries might be as synonymous with weddings as confetti, but they are a relatively new trend when it comes to baby showers. Popular in the US, the trend has recently made its way over the pond to the UK. And if you’ve been invited to a baby shower this year, you might have noticed a link to a gift registry has been included.

It’s a trend that’s snowballing right now, and not without good reason. As well as helping your friends and family nail the perfect present, baby shower wish lists make gifting a lot easier, not to mention more eco friendly. Read on to find out why you should consider making a wish list if you’re expecting this year.

Baby shower wish lists are handy for inspiration 

If you’re pregnant, the chances are you have a long list of baby essentials you need to get before your little one arrives. 

Your bestie who doesn’t have kids is in a panic because she doesn’t have a clue what to get you. Your father-in-law doesn’t want to waste his money getting something you might not use. And your parents want to surprise you, but don’t know where to start looking for the perfect gift. 

Sharing a wish list with the people who really want some gift inspiration, makes a lot of sense. Everyone wants to be the person who got you the white noise machine that your baby ‘wouldn’t settle without’, after all. 

A wish list helps you to avoid unwanted gifts and duplicates

If you’ve ever shopped for a baby gift before, you’ll probably know that everything is so utterly cute, it’s hard to resist going overboard on the teeny tiny baby grows, booties, baby blankets, and cuddly toys. 

Without a wish list, you might find that you get a lot of outfits and toys you don’t actually need. Babies grow out of the newborn size super fast, and teddies are sweet but do you really want twenty five? 

A wish list cuts down on waste, making them a great tool for eco-friendly gifting. And if your friends and family know what you want, there are no duplicates or awkward returns.

baby shower wish lists

Using a gift list registry will help you get organised

A wish list eliminates a lot of the gifting guesswork for your friends and family. But it also helps you to keep track of all of the things you need to get before your baby arrives. There’s nothing like a list to help you feel organised (even if the prospect of becoming a parent still feels daunting!). 

Some department stores offer a gift list service, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get everything you’ll need from one place. MyCrib is a ‘universal’ gift registry that allows you to add gifts from any store on the internet – from John Lewis, Mamas & Papas, Etsy – you can literally add any product from any site !

The completely free service also has a clever ‘buying assistant‘ that shows you the products that other expecting parents purchase most often from those stores. You’ll be able to see honest feedback on each item – which is really handy when the grandparents kindly offer to get you a stroller or car seat, but you’re not sure which one to go for. There’s also a real-time price comparator, so you can make sure you’re getting the best value.

baby shower wish lists

MyCrib makes it easy to create your perfect baby wish list

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you’ve probably chipped in for a big ticket present for the parents-to-be. And if you were the one organising it, you’ll know that it can be a pain to just to find out what the perfect present is (let alone get the money from everyone!).

Providing a baby shower wish list takes the pressure off and makes gifting a lot easier. MyCrib allows you to set certain bigger items to group gifting so friends and family can chip in whatever they feel comfortable towards your dream pram or a sophisticated baby monitor. 

To use the group gifting option, all you need to do is tick the box ‘Allow contributions on this item’ above the ‘Add to list’ button on any product. MyCrib takes zero commission, so you will get exactly what your family and friends have contributed.

From the best baby monitors, to the cutest newborn baby clothes, the site also curates all the most coveted baby shower presents. This makes MyCrib a great destination for inspiration – whether you’re the gifter or the parents-to-be.

To see an example wishlist from MyCrib, click here

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