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Expired: access to online courses to help children...

Expired: access to online courses to help children cope with their emotions (Worth £625)

When children have emotional outbursts, parents can sometimes find it hard to know the best way to help. What if your child had tools they could turn to every time they feel anxious, sad, frustrated or angry?

Studies show that children who can manage their emotions feel more confident, have higher self-esteem and are more resilient, which means better friendships, better exam performance and greater well-being.

Inspired Creators, an educational platform for kids, is offering readers the chance to win access to their online courses teaching children how to manage their emotions, a prize worth £625!

Your child will receive access to The Emotional Toolkit (worth £85) and Tapping & Positive Daily Practices (worth £40). But the prize isn’t just for them, you’ll also receive access for four other children. Their friends or cousins can all benefit too.

The Emotional Toolkit is an online course for children aged 7-12 which offers a pick and mix set of tools, that the child can choose depending on the emotion they are feeling.

Each tool comes with a 3-5 min explainer video, and a worksheet. With a range of 20 tools altogether, the kit covers emotions across the whole spectrum.

Developed by long-time friends Julie-Anne Graham and Sinéad Tiernan, the idea was sparked after years of personal development, and training as coaches. 

 ‘We’ve taken the most powerful tools we have discovered in 40+ years of personal development, ones we use ourselves daily, and presented them in a kid-friendly fashion’ Julie-Anne says.

‘Kids first identify what they’re feeling on the Wheel of Emotions poster, then they go to the Tool Selector Poster which helps them identify which tool to use. This makes it as simple as possible, so that kids can find the tool they need when they’re feeling anxious, worried, or needing some support.

Tools include breathing exercises, acupressure points that work on the body, creative activities, meditations and journaling.

The second course Tapping and Positive Daily Practices builds on The Emotional Toolkit.

This course sets children up with a daily mindset and journaling practice and teaches them how to ‘tap’ on acupressure points to release negative emotions.

This has been shown to be highly effective at reducing emotional intensity in all kinds of situations, from exam anxiety to conflicts with others.

Sinéad has seen the impact first hand with her own children. As soon as they were old enough, she started to share techniques that she’d learnt in her own personal development journey.

Now they are thriving, their confidence has grown in leaps and bounds, and they have their own daily gratitude and visualisation routine that they practice each day.

Sinéad says, ‘It’s amazing to see them question their own thoughts or stop and take a few deep breaths without being told to.I always thought that my life would have been quite different if I had been taught simple tools to manage my thoughts and emotions as a child. Years of low self-esteem and self-doubt could have been easily avoided.  The emotional intelligence tools I am sharing with my children are giving them a big step up in life.’

The kit has been given the stamp of approval by parents, teachers, and child psychologists who have praised its content, design and delivery. As one parent said, ‘This is an awesome resource for children to develop their confidence and self-esteem and to introduce them to excellent techniques to navigate whatever life throws at them.’


About Inspired Creators

Inspired Creators is an educational company that strives to support children with their mental and emotional wellbeing. Established in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, coaches Julie-Anne Graham and Sinéad Tiernan have worked with children all over the world through a variety of live and online courses. For more information, visit or follow @theinspiredcreators on Facebook and Instagram.