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Expired – WIN: Your Child’s Birthday Party S...

Expired – WIN: Your Child’s Birthday Party Supplies Covered For The Next Three Years Worth £255 By Pico

pico party set

Win a Pico party set for the next three years with decorations to match worth £255 (party set for 30 kids with £40 each year to spend on decorations of your choice).

About Pico 

Pico is all about enjoying the special moments in life and doing right by the planet at the same time. Providing everyone with the opportunity to embrace sustainable children’s parties with ease. All Pico products are completely plastic free in both product and packaging, made either from recycled materials or FSC certified. We understand that the afterlife of a product is just as important, so all the products can either be reused, recycled or composted. Our products aim to be honest, fun and most importantly good for the environment. We want to spread awareness, helping parents make all aspects of their children’s parties sustainable.

We’ve worked closely with an up and coming artist to create beautiful designs that can be enjoyed both by children and parents. One tree is planted with every order,  helping offset our carbon footprint. But, we always want to keep doing more, being better. Whether this is finding alternative materials to make our products even more sustainable or adding more exciting ranges. We would absolutely love to take you on the Pico journey and have you become part of our party community!

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Note from the founder, Ciara

For me there is nothing better in life than an occasion bringing everyone together and creating lasting memories. Growing up in a huge family of Irish and English heritage, with 13 aunties and uncles and just over 70 cousins means we have had a lot of them to celebrate! So whether it is with family or friends, you will always find me hosting a party (normally with an Aperol in hand!).

In recent years I’ve known the struggle first hand to find great quality party products that are both sustainable and exciting. I’ve been so frustrated with how dominant single use plastic is in the party industry. Therefore, I decided to take things into my own hands and Pico was born…Over the past year (squeezed around a full time job) I’ve been spending many early mornings and late nights making my vision a reality. The hard work and sacrifices were all worthwhile when Pico launched in late February 2022. I’m currently working my full time job and running Pico simultaneously, and before you ask… yes, I am mad! But my absolute dream is to leave my job and run Pico full time.

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