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Back to Basics: The Only Newborn Baby Essentials Y...

Back to Basics: The Only Newborn Baby Essentials You Really Need as a New Mum

newborn baby essentials


With so much on the market for mums-to-be, shopping for a newborn can be a daunting task; not least an expensive one. It pays to know what you actually need to spend money on. For the most part, you can go without too many extras. With this in mind, we’ve created a shopping list of newborn baby essentials that will make the new arrival all the more enjoyable and affordable.


Babywearing is becoming more and more fashionable and it is easy to see why. A baby wrap supports the transition from womb to the world and provides bonding time between mother and baby. They help reduce reflux, colic, promote healthy hip development and time spent in the wrap counts as tummy time. For a stylish and practical baby wrap look at Fornessi. Their wraps come in a beautiful range of colours and are made from pure Modal (an ecological fabric made from beech trees), which makes them super strong and silky soft.  It also means that they are more breathable than cotton based carriers and can fit neatly in a compartment of your changing bag. Suitable from birth up to one year.


Whether you go for a crib, a cot, or a Moses baskets, you’ll need somewhere for the little one to sleep as soon as they’re home from the hospital. If you go for a cot, opt for a strong and sturdy model so that it will last two or three years. Buy sheets to fit whatever your baby is sleeping in. You can choose from woven cotton, brushed flannelette, which feels warm to the touch, stretch-cotton terry or cotton-jersey. Three or four sheets should be enough, plus a couple of blankets for warmth. A mattress is another essential; it should fit snugly into whatever the baby is sleeping in so that they can’t trap their head.


Decide whether you’ll be using disposable or reusable nappies and then stock up on enough to get you through at least the first week at home with your little one – you won’t want to be dashing to the supermarket for more every day. Some great savings can be made through nappy subscription services like Amazon’s.


Baby clothes are undeniably adorable and shopping for their little ensembles can be fun. But in the first few months, you’ll want to pick out practical items that will be comfy and cosy. We suggest getting sleep suits (with wide neck openings and loose legs), a couple of pairs of socks, a couple of pairs of scratch mitts and a hat.


Even in a small house, hearing everything is impossible so a baby monitor is essential. A few things to consider before purchasing are sound quality, reception and range, price, general ease of use and portability. Have a think about these and you’re sure to find one to suit your lifestyle.


Be prepared to feed your newborn around the clock—which means, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’re going to need the right gear. For breastfeeding, choose a couple of nursing bras, tops and nightwear, nipple shields and cream to help protect your skin and a breast pump. When bottle feeding, you’ll need a few bottles and teats and a steriliser to keep things squeaky clean. Bibs and muslin cloths also come in handy.


A car seat is essential for getting your newborn home from the hospital safely. Before your due date, make sure you get one that is compatible with your car and that both you and your birth partner know how to fit it and strap your baby in, as some can take a bit of getting used to.

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