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Best Mealtime Range or Product: 12 months plus Aub...

Best Mealtime Range or Product: 12 months plus Aubergine & Potato curry with Turmeric Rice by Little Grub

Little grub

Little Grub is a new just launched Fresh, Organic baby and toddler food delivery service.

The first baby restaurant on deliveroo, Little Grub are allergen free and they use produce from great British farms including Riverford and IOW tomatoes and many more.

Little Grub’s mission is to make a difference and change the way parents feel guilty for not making their own meals or giving them on the shelf pouches that are older than the baby you are giving it to.

Making life simple and convenient while getting healthy, fresh ingredients into your little ones.

Kelly Johnson started Little Grub after losing her dad to cancer and getting divorced. Being a single mum of a little one, she always tried to make her own food – but sometimes life got in the way and she needed meals to grab on-the-go. But there was nothing quite like her own healthy meals that she made at home. She also noticed that when she went out to all-important mum groups, everyone would have to leave early to go and feed their babies. So she wanted to change things and make it easier for people.

She found that there were some great brands out there, but they were mostly frozen or long shelf life. Working with a children’s nutritionist and a weaning expert, she launched Little Grub.

Little Grub’s meals are free of all 14 allergens so parents can have peace of mind that they are safe. The brand doesn’t add or use any sugar including fruit, and they use vegetables like beetroot and pea etc to sweeten.

They use herbs and spices and vegetables like kale and greens to get little ones use to these healthy flavours at a young age, giving them the best start.

Aubergine & Potato curry with Turmeric Rice

We are entering our 12 months plus Aubergine & Potato Curry with Turmeric Rice. This curry is also available as a pureed and textured meal for age 7 months. The 12 months plus version is a whole mini meal giving kids a taste of different spices.