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We love: Two new Noodolls Ricecube and Riceberg

We love: Two new Noodolls Ricecube and Riceberg

Noodoll icetown

Two new characters have been added to the Noodoll universe

Words Holly Kirkwood

Noodoll Studio have brought us two new dolls, who’ve landed in their own brand new part of Ricetown, Icetown. Two new furry polar bears, they love swimming and eating yummy fish. Made with the softest fur, and with sweet embroidered faces, they are a great addition to the Noodoll universe we know and love so much – big, chubby and huggable.

To celebrate the new arrivals, Noodoll have brought out their own new activity: make your own Ricecube and Riceberg paper toys, basket and boat, from the brand new Noodoll online activity on their blog. Just download the printable template here and print it on a nice white sheet of paper.

Then follow the instructions below to make your very own paper polar bears, Ricecube and Riceberg, and their boat and basket full of fresh fish!

If you don’t know the Noodoll story, then you need to go back to the beginning: Nodoll lives in Noodle Town where everyone, and everything is made of noodles. He sings, dances and is the number one star of Noodle Town.

Unfortunately for Noodoll, his carefree existence is disturbed by the troublesome Ricehead from the nearby Rice Town where everyone and everything there is made of rice.

Noodoll is the brainchild of designer and author YiYing Wang who created this delightful universe  full of cheeky, cuddly characters all of whom are adorable.

The other cool new product from Noodoll is some fun temporary tattoos. They’ve teamed up with Paperself, the worlds leading designer of temporary tattoos and paper lashes, to create two different Noodoll tattoo sets. Littles will love these colourful stickers which come in pretty pastel shades printed on white backing, so the colours are super bright on all skin tones.

They’re easy to apply and wash off – simple enough for little ones to apply themselves. They’re non-toxic, safe and skin friendly and can last up to three days, and perfect for parties, or even in a party bag.

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