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Review: Weleda massage oils for pregnancy

Review: Weleda massage oils for pregnancy

stretch mark massage oil review

The new range from Weleda aims to help pregnant women and new mums through some of the changes their bodies are dealing with

Words Holly Kirkwood 

Pregnancy and the early months of motherhood are exciting, but also full of questions and new experiences, particularly if you’re having your first baby.

It’s hard to know what you really need, or what will help, and what is just hocus pocus, but something most new mums do want to try is products to deal with or prevent stretch marks as your pregnancy progresses.

Begun in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden, today Weleda makes holistic natural cosmetics, and they say their new pregnancy range has been developed with experienced midwives and pharmacists. It is intended to support you through pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood and in particular the stretch mark oil and the perineal massage oil are both designed to help your skin.

When it comes to stretch marks, although all our bodies are all different – some women get stretch marks badly, some women just don’t seem to get them at all – it’s pretty much accepted wisdom that you need to be good to your skin while it’s being stretched out of all proportion during pregnancy, so trying a few different different products out is usually the best way to go.

Stretch mark massage oil

This stretch mark massage oil is made with almond, jojoba and wheat germ together with organic arnica – all these ingredients help to relieve tight skin, preserve moisture levels and promote skin elasticity, and Weleda say that it can also improve old stretch marks as well as prevent new ones.

The scents include rose, neroli and myrrh to inspire confidence, and relaxation. We are directed to massage the oil in in two or three times daily using light, circular movements over tummy, thighs, bottom and breasts – and this oil does work. It certainly relieves that tight, itchy, stretched skin and smells really good, although I can’t guarantee every person who uses it won’t see a single stretch mark on their skin- so far so good for me.

One thing about all stretch-mark preventers, though, is that it’s tough to massage in oils when you’re getting ready for work, as your clothes can get quite oily. A top tip is to put on the oil at night, and wear some old jim jams or a nightie you won’t worry about getting the product onto them; and let it really sink in before you slip between the sheets.

It’s also a relaxing night time ritual to rub in the oil before bed – the massage can help you wind down after a long day and hopefully aid sleep (as much as one can sleep with a little person kicking you from the inside all night long).

Perineal massage oil

Many first-time mums-to-be get a fright when they hear about perineal massage, unsurprisingly, and there is no real proven science to say it will help when the time comes, when let’s face it, anything can happen. However, at the same time lots of women would say it can’t do any harm to help your skin to try and develop a elasticity ‘down there’ before the birth.

The Weleda perineum massage oil is made with almond and wheat germ, and combined with a simple massage technique (look online ladies – just google it and try not to giggle too much), they say the oil can help to relax the perineal tissue, increase elasticity and stimulate blood circulation, should you want to try and give your body a head start before the baby comes charging through. And let’s face it, we probably need all the help we can get when the day eventually comes.

The Weleda maternity range is available from health retailers nationwide or online at

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